Markle leaves for Toronto without a prince longer: the reason is extremely cute

The news recently appeared in foreign media that in May the rings with Prince Harry Meghan Markle chopped on their first trip without a beloved husband.

And although the purpose of the trip was not clear at first, and this caused quite a few couples of fans around the world, it turned out that the trip to the duchy would last even longer than planned.

Earlier foreign media reported that Meghan left London for Toronto.

It appears that she will visit her friends and family here. According to foreign media, Markle wants to pay his biggest attention to his beloved mother, and it is because of her duchess that the journey can take longer.

Meghan will probably want to celebrate with her mother, Doria, who lives in Los Angeles, a special occasion – the birthday of her beautiful mother. The real birthday of Doria is September 2. Then the woman will be 62 years old.

This is why everyone understands, according to sources, that M. Markle did not see his mother since he had sworn an eternal love for Prince Harry.

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