Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have added a new member to the family: fans are waiting for the official episode

Reliable sources confirmed that Meghan and Harry are happy with the dog community. It is believed that this is a breed of the Labrador dog, because it was the dog of this breed who visited them at the Kensington Palace.

The crazy men of the 37-year-old Meghan Markle have really encouraged the man to take this step and fit his dog. After their engagement, when the woman from Toronto had to move to London, she had to leave her beloved pets. She took two dogs from the shelter of the dogs, which is currently raised by her friends.

However, the palace has not yet commented on this knowledge. Photos of their pet are not scattered, so fans are waiting for the formal confirmation of these happy tidings.

It is no secret that Marlee and Prince Harry were married in May of this year, having many questions about family growth. Well, this step makes fans even more fun. Eventually Prince William bought the dog after the wedding with Kate Middleton and soon their firstborns were born.

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