# MeToo activist Asia Argento agreed to avoid accusations of rape names

A.Argento is one of the most prominent members of the # MeToo activists against sexual harassment.

As the New York Times writes, the 42-year-old actor signed an agreement after he received a formal announcement of Jimmy Bennett's intention to submit a case to her. According to the information from the newspaper, according to the agreement, 380 thousand were paid for the 22-year-old actor and musician. US dollars (332 thousand EUR).

The deal was closed shortly after October 2007, when Arthur claimed that Harvey Weinstein was being raped by the Hollywood magnet.

AFP / Scanpix Photo / Harvey Weinstein

AFP / Scanpix Photo / Harvey Weinstein

Jenn Bennett states that the hotel in California in 2013 had a relationship with A.Argento. In California, 18 years is considered an age when a person can already give free and informative consent to a sexual relationship with another person.

According to The New York Times, the daily-received court documents authenticated by three persons familiar with the case.

A.Argent has not comment on this report yet. Jenn Bennett also refused to talk to The New York Times.

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