# MeToo activist Asia Argento denies a loved one with a minor, but messages and photos show something else

The photo shows how J. Bennett, now 22, will be in the hotel room Marina del Rey in 2013. The boy and A. Argento, who was 37 years old, now lay in bed without the outer garment, laid their heads on the pillow and confused their hands. Sources TMZ claimed that the photo was taken after the song was in love.

You can see the picture HERE.

In California, sexual relationships between adults and people under the age of 18 are considered a crime.

Later Bennett threatened to take legal action, so in April A. Argento paid her 330 thousand euros, which was provided by her then beloved Anthony Bourdain.

On Tuesday, Argento issued a statement stating: "I never had a sexual relationship with Mr. Bennett."

Her correspondence with one of her friends, however, shows a different way.

A. Argento and her friend spoke in a conversation about the outbreak of the story of the Sunday New York Times about her and Bennett. A. Argento & # 39; s messages have a gray background, her friend is in blue.

According to Argento, Mr. Bennett wrote a letter to the Ritz-Carlton hotel where they met. The letter wrote to the man: "Asia, I love you with all my heart, I'm so glad we met again, so I'm glad you're in my life." Jimmy ".

In a letter to her friend, Argento wrote: "He wrote it to me anyway and all those years have not been sent to send their nuogo photo's, they only stopped two weeks before the lawyer's report."

A. Argento went on: "It was not a rape, I was upset, he was at the top, and finally told me that I was 12 years old in his sexual fantasies."

Mr. Argento was most famous when he accused Harvey of Weinstein of rape and is one of the first women to be actively involved in the # MeToo movement. Mr. Weinstein's lawyer, Ben Brafman, accuses this week of allegations: "These events reveal the most obvious hypocrisy of A. Argento, and she was one of the most talked-about people who wanted to destroy H. Weinstein. & # 39;

The Los Angeles County sheriff department has contacted Bennett to determine if there is a basis for a criminal investigation.

TMZ contacted A. Argento's lawyer, but has not yet responded.

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