MTV viewers are unhappy about how Madonna honors the dead Aretha Franklin: spoke only about himself names

15 minutes that recalls Aretha Franklin died on August 16 – the same day, when Madonna was 60 years old.

Divorced in Morocco after a few days, Madonna hurried to New York, where MTV invited her for two main reasons: to spend the main evening price for the best video of the year and to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin's speech about her.

The Madonna language, dedicated to honoring Aretha Franklin, has, however, received more criticism than admiration. The singer decided to explain the influence of Aretha Franklin's music on her career, but she talked too much about herself.

Reuters / Scanpix Photo / Artha Franklin

Reuters / Scanpix Photo / Artha Franklin

This is Madonna's full language, in which not too many speakers of the same spectator appeared about her, than about Aretha Franklin:

"Aretha Louise Franklin has changed my way of life, I left Detroit when I was 18. With a $ 35 bag, I dreamed of becoming a professional dancer.

After years of failure and no money at all, I decided to go to the selection of music theaters. I had no preparation or dream to become a singer, but I tried it.

I was interrupted and thrown out of every selection – insufficiently high, insufficiently intrusive, inadequate voice timing, not pretty enough. Everything is not enough.

Photo by Scanpix / Matthew at the MTV Awards, talked about dead Aretha Franklin

Photo by Scanpix / Matthew at the MTV Awards, talked about dead Aretha Franklin

And one day the French discification announced the selection of supporting singers and dancers for her worldwide tour. I thought, and why not? The worst thing that can happen is that I am going back to my hallway on the third floor, where I am confused with the prostitute and the gun is downright. Certainly, I am a rebellious soul.

So I came to the selection and two very important French record producers sat before me in an empty theater, challenged me to be great. The dance selection is good. And then they asked if I was ready for the song. I assumed it I have looked at this important part of the selection process.

AFP / Scanpix / Photo of MTV Awards

AFP / Scanpix / Photo of MTV Awards

I had to think quickly, because it was up to me to eat what I ate. Luckily, one of my favorite albums was Lady Soul by Aretha Franklin. I have "You Make Me Feel" in the summer … silence. "(You Make Me Feel Like) A natural woman". Two French boys came to me. I said, "Knowing that it is the song of Arethus Franklin." They looked at the pianist, he shook his head.

"I do not need music," I said. – I know every word. I know this song from the heart, I will send it to you a cappella. "

I saw in their eyes that they do not look at me seriously – and why did they have that? Someone who blushed the white girl promises to come here to sing one of the best singers of soul singer ever? And yet a cappella? I said to them: "Bald, I am Madonna". No, I did not really say that. Because then I was not yet a Madonna. I did not know who I was. I did not know what I was saying, I did not know what hit me.

So you probably all think what I tell you this story.

It has an interface because it would not have happened without Lady Ledi. She took me to where I am now, and I know she has inspired so many people here tonight. And I want to thank you, Aretha, for empowering us all. RESPECT. Long live the queen. & # 39;

Immediately in the social networks there was a wave of reports in which people were surprised by such a language, aimed at Madonna himself, and not at the person to whom she had to pay tribute.

Many even noticed that Rapper Travis Scott is much more honored with the memory of Aretha Franklin when he called his performance halfway through: "Relax in peace, Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin".

Here are some of the two-fold reactions that Madonna caused about Aretha Franklin:

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