"Other conversations" with M.Catler: Jazz was the first to read his series and put the "Black Orchid" on the market

Comet M.Catler, during the whole story "Other Talking", sat four times on the guest's chair and was the first interlocutor to start the project, with more than 1.2 million views rated with one. times. That is why he now feels desperate to take the chance and lead the band by taking him from the humorist Justin Jankiewicz.

It seems that this can lead to an even greater popularity of the event, because the debut show with J.Arlauskaitė-Jazz was immediately followed by the internet in a record number of viewers – more than 40 thousand. and in the so-called "Adform yard" at the Kaunas City Hall, there were about a thousand people who wanted to see everything with their own eyes.

You can view the meeting video here:

VIDEO: "Other conversations" with Jazz

M.Catler poured out the old grievances

The organizers of the event have kept the intrigues until the last moment without revealing what type of musical performance this time will decorate the event. Soon the record-breaking audience felt pampered when she made her most famous songs in a solo performance by the Jazz herself.

Tonight, on stage, she not only had to sing the songs of the author and the darling. M.Catler provoked the singer for a joint karaoke song and they sprinkled "The Black Orchid". In addition, "Other Talkings" introduced a recently filmed parody – their two video clips for this lyrical piece.

During a conversation, M.Catler repeatedly laughed at the six-year-old grievance when he invited Jazz to listen to his jokes during the "Humorshow". The supposed date ended in a karaoke bar, but the singer always focused on J. Janekevičius, while M. Katler stayed on the sidelines and did not create any piece. So this time on the scene he recovered for those old disappointments.

"Other Talk" Photo / "Some Talk" moment

"And how do I now see this situation after many years, when all the violations have passed? I think in this way: Jankevičius dies of Jazz from me, and I kicked him off with Jazz! It took only 6 years to erase. I do not feel completely guilty.

It's a revenge, you know, in the opening speech of the audience Kvatot was forced by the public, and here too he assured that such a humorous group in no way influenced their mutual relations. – I called Jankevičius for cable and asked if everything was okay with him, or everything between us, like after antiquity. He did not do the hand twice, this resourcesEverything is in order – just like after antiquity. "

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Can not "get out of her"

In the first part of the conversation, comedian commented on serious questions in addition to the usual jokes, tried to find the formula for her success and explained where the songwriter and the artist were inspired. Meanwhile, the second half of the conversation is traditionally aimed at viewers who ask each time to "get out of the hair".

"Well, you can not", – appeal to the changes in the style of Jazz, and M. Katler joking with a new haircut.

Incidentally, the creative group of the band has produced three alternative variants of how the Jazz fails with other known hairstyles – Saulius Urbonavičius-Samo, Sasha Song and President Dalia Grybauskaitė. The executor opted for the latter.

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Launch a poetry book

From six years, with a deodorant bottle in his hands at home in front of the window, George Butkutou, who looked at J.Arlauskaitė when he was thirteen, decided to sing jazz, and his girlfriend came up with a quaint name for jazz. It is true that her current work is fairly far removed from the direction of this music. In addition, the artist plans to introduce his long-awaited new album, which will be completely different than the fans are used to hearing during singing.

"Very distant" I sent "people who beat me with the wheels, so now the album will really see the light of day, I am very excited when I can give you a hearing, because it will be a completely different matter," she told Jazz, pointing out that she would even repatriate in the latest works.

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Besides the music, the singer does not forget his other passions – poetry. She continues to write and, at the request of M. Cather, for the first time in public, read the title poem "O Vilnius" for her work, because this book is likely to be mentioned by the poetry book of her author, which Jazz expects rather quickly spread.

"Singing alone is not enough, I'm probably more grateful for the ability to create, because this is my absolute saving of craziness and my kind of exorcism," said Jazz.

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Autograph on 500 litasthe banknote

Asked to share tips from her many years of experience, one of the most prominent stars of Lithuanian music, first like to believe in herself and necessarily at least one person who also believes in you: "My first fan and to date the number one fan is the father. "

She remembered her first concert in Vilnius, about 15 years ago, when she collected at least 16 people, and 10 of them were members of the Jazz family, in the same time that they participated in the basketball game and the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Early next year, one of the most popular contemporary Lithuanian artists will be planning a concert tour after the big Lithuanian arenas.

Which strange happenings in musical activities have you experienced in Jazz? She remembered a few cases where she had to leave signatures about unusual items. Once the fans asked to sign a costume computer for a newbie, and the next time the fan turned a 500 lbd dive on the spot.

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Love for Donat and traveling

Another of her inspiration for creativity is unbreakable love. Throughout the night, Jazz repeatedly mentioned the name of his sincere friend Donatas Ivanauskas. The greatest interest of both is the journey of far and exotic countries with new cultures. In the spring, after visiting Peru, they still have plans to return to the already famous Philippines this year.

At that time, M. Cathar again joked her with a fragment from the first film Zero, which also played the part of J.Arlauskaitė's lover. There, in a non-confrontational word monologue, the actor concluded that there was no hair, eyes or chest, but that the butt was the most important thing for a beautiful girl. Jazz joked with joy and was happy to brag about only this part of the body.

While M. Kutler parodises the X Factor & # 39; player, and has received what assessment from the Commissioner Jazz and even more capricious episodes, viewers can & # 39; Other Talk & # 39; channel on the YouTube channel and the latest information about the upcoming calls in the feisbuk account with the same name.

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