P.Gražulis has decided to apologize to B.Navickaitė: Palanga went with flowers, accompanied by television | names

Political tour by Palanga was recorded by TV3's creative group "Before the Flow".

According to the press release, P. Gražulis bought her daughter who had not yet visited her, and she also chose a flower bouquet for Birute.

"I want to apologize, to accept the interests of the child so that he can grow up", – the man commented on his release on Tuesday in a show shown on Tuesday.

"I will not say a word about Birute anymore, it happened when it happened, now she is the mother of my child," he added.

The day that P.Gražulis went to Palanga, the resort was still rich in vacationers. Scandalous politics, carrying a flower bouquet and a gift bag, filming TV cameras, were happy to communicate with the passers-by, who were hiding behind the mother of their daughter.

15 minutes Birutė Navickaitė asked on Tuesday if he believed the apology of the politician, who was also on television. The woman laughed: "Do not crush … I did not even hear an apology, the situation looked like this:" You are the mother of my baby, take the flowers. "

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