Policemen had to punish the rapper Irony: the photo was really unusual

The filming of the new video clips "Do not Believe in Pt2" took place both on the closed grounds and in the streets of the capital. The biggest suspicion was the unusually long rolling rolling car and motorcycle street. The rapper had to figure out what the press release says.

"When the police arrived, we were still in the middle of work, but we did not notice any noise, they themselves saw that no criminals were here and explained that they had received a phone call from the noise and the unclear people. to keep up with the music and not spoil the public eye, "explained Ironwood.

In the autumn the release of the new album, "Ironwhite 3", ensures that no suspicion can arise. The photo was really unusual: about 20 exclusive cars, motorcycles, lions and dogs were introduced on the site, and about 100 people took part in the action.

Asked why he did not provide the permissions and the people who lived in the video clip were not upgraded in advance, the artist called: "We have not even made inventions".

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