Putin and Medvedev condemned the controversy about the funeral of Joseph Kobzon

J. Kobzon, born on 11 September 1937, at that time in Soviet Ukraine in the Jewish family and his career began in 1959, died on Thursday after a long illness at 80 years of age.

Thousands of people have said goodbye to the Moscow Chaikovsky Concert Hall, which was very popular in the Moscow Chamber in the 8th and 9th centuries.

The funeral took place in accordance with the Jewish tradition.

During the Russian holidays, no major concert was held without J. Kobzon, sometimes called "the Soviet Frank Sinatra". In the nineties he sang USSR soldiers in Afghanistan and in 2016 Russian troops in Syria.

Since 2003 the politician is a member of the ruling party "United Russia". He was also one of the most influential actors in the Russian parliament, who were sentenced by the European Union to sanctions for support to pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

In addition, Kobzon strongly supported Moscow's decision to annex Crimea. Because of his attitude towards conflicts, the artist also fell into the "black" list of Kiev.

Kobzon was in the past a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union; Like the legendary American singer F. Sinatra, for a long time he could not rely on the language of suspicious connections with the world of organized crime and assured him that he had met suspicious players like a singer.

The United States has repeatedly refused to issue a visa.

The life of Kobzon, who came to Anapil, is like a movie

Jonas Kobzon became a symbol of the era of the country and Soviet estradión in the 1970s, a popular artist and public figure, but more than legends were known about his personal life than truths, and connections with the criminal world hid from the public , writes bbc.com.

It is said that the performer who actively participated in the political life of the country was considered a criminal authority. His life was not lacking in the scandals that had nothing to do with the show world. So far it is assumed that Kobzon was a representative of the 90's of the criminal world. Although unofficially speaking, it was shown that Interfaks knew in 1995 that he had been banned from visiting America in connection with contacts with criminals. The special service has repeatedly confirmed the bond with the Russian mafia.

In 1994, the Washington Times even called him the king of organized crime groups in Russia. It was not until 2000 that he gained access to the United States, but only with a special delegation. After a year, however, he failed to get a visa because the American artist was already associated with drug trafficking. It was said that Puerto Rico had undergone a drug deal in the winter of 1995, in which he participated. According to researchers, FTB agents have found ties with major drug traffickers. It is said that a famous man has participated in the deal, writes super.ru.

For many years in his career he has been more than once associated with Russian criminals. So many surprises were caused by his desire to go to politics. Well, since 1984 a famous representative of the show has given singing lessons at one of the secondary schools and after a decade a degree in professorship. He also gave vocal secrets to the singer Valerius. Despite many activities, Kobzon was a member of the Duma until the end of his life. It is the popularity that he has used in his music on the path of a politician.

Despite all controversial opinions and complaints, his popularity in the country continued to grow, as did the relationship with the Kremlin. During his 60-year career he has played more than 3000 songs, including well-known fans of Au nas vo dvore, Ruskomu Polu, Ya Liubliu tebia, Zizn, Ballade o kraskach, Gde daleko "and others.

Kobzon, who was born in Ukraine, said in one interview that he was severely affected by a difficult childhood during the Great Patriotic War. His family was forced to leave for Lvov and then to Uzbekistan. However, he distinguished himself by his progress in following his school. In childhood, the future singer and politicians had trouble learning, singing and attending boxing classes.

While serving in the army, Kobzon was already invited to perform with soldiers and directors. In the army he was offered to become a member of the Odessa Conservatory and to become a singer. From the very first steps in the scene he was known for his patriotic songs and the work inspired by the Kremlin. Kobzon, who was a member of the "United Russia", had a clear political stance and was highly regarded by President Vladimir Putin.

The personal life of the actor was no less colorful. An attractive and influential man attracted the attention of women. He had been married three times, but he also had a few intriguing novels. He was said to have a romantic relationship with Tatiana Bestajeva, Natalia Varlej and Lena Riabinkina. Many lectures followed his novel with Lyudmila Senchina. As a result, he even left the third woman, although she did everything to get her husband back into a family of two, writes globalsib.com.

Children in the artist's life appeared rather late. They have their third wife. His son Andrew and his daughter Natalia have already created their family and have always maintained a close relationship with their father.

Nowadays much is spoken about the life of this artist in Russia, but some riddles have still not been discovered.

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