Soon the cinema will come out with an exciting band: famous actors cherish love in reality

Two brightly lit Hollywood stars, Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara, have fallen in love more than ever. But have a very categorical position at the wedding. "They will never end because the wedding is a very popular act of expressing love for them," a close friend of a couple told an American publication. The actors, however, do not let the film activity sail.

The audience of both lovers will be able to see the cinematographic director Gus Van Santo a comical biographical drama "Do not worry, he will not leave" at the beginning of August 24 in the Lithuanian cinemas. Interestingly, he was not a director, but Phoenix suggested that Mara play in this comic and she agreed.

The film presented this year at the Berlin Film Festival's main film contest tells the real facts based on the colorful story of the charismatic cartoonist John Callahan. In his youth he does not recognize anything about talent inside, he passionately loves life, he jokes small jokes and he likes a stormy nightlife.

But after a wild party he falls into a terrible traffic accident and remains paralyzed. After this painful event, John begins to attend anonymous alcoholic meetings, revealing his talent. It turns out that he is a very talented cartoonist who is waiting for international recognition.

J. Phoenix plays the protagonist in the film, who again perfectly incarnates for the new episode – this time rooting with a bad handkerchief in the Formula 1 race and making a joke so that others have to hide their faces. Critics play this role as one of the best in the career of the actor, but until now, J. Phoenix has been honored and honored – three times nominated for Oscar, won the Golden Globe and last year he won the Best Actor Award for his role in the film at the Cannes film festival "You've never been here before" (directed by Lynne Ramsay).

Granted, Mr. Phoenix could not have been in this movie. The cinematic films "Gerasis Vilas Hantingas" and "Milkas", made by G. Van Santas, played a central role in the Hollywood legend for Robin Williams. Unfortunately, 2014 the actor left life and the director was forced to change the plan.

"After a painful loss, the only option I had imagined was Joaquin, our first film after more than 20 years of pause.Jaquinquin likes to exhaust everything and convey the most realistic character, especially if it is a biographical drama At the same time we have improved each phase and I think viewers will feel our synthesis, "says Van Santas.

The "Golden Palm Treasure" in Cannes, the winning director, G. Van Santas is known for his serious subjects for film production. The most famous filmmaker & # 39; Elephant & # 39; talks about, for example, American shootings at schools. Critics notice that "do not worry, he will not leave" – ​​it is probably the first comic strip by G. Van Sant.

Exciting and humorous drama "Do not worry, he will not go away" about the therapeutic power of creativity – in the Lithuanian cinemas from 24 August.

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