The honor of striving for Oscar was a documentary

The frame from the film

The frame from the film "Amazing Lozers" by A. Matel. Another planet "| photo's of creators

The decision of the Oscars Commission in Lithuania, approved by the American Academy of Film Arts and Sciences, received this year's award for awarding the best film in a foreign language the film "Amazing Lusers" by Arūnas Matelis. Another planet. "This is the second film by A. Matel, nominated for this category 2008. The selection committee of the Oscars of Lithuania has chosen the film" Before Flying Back to Earth ".

The right to apply for a prestigious prize in the category of the best film in foreign languages ​​was 5 Participants: 3 documentaries and 2 feature films. This is "Motive, Guten Tag!" (Directed by Jūratė Samulionytė, Vilma Samulionytė, 2017), "Amazing Lozers." Another planet "(directed by Arūnas Matelis, 2017)," The Mountain of Peas "(directed by Audrius Juzėnas, 2018)," Sengirė "(directed by Mindaugas Survila, 2018)," The Wonderland "(directed by Eglė Vertelyte, 2017 ).

The winner of the film is one of the most successful Lithuanian films of the year: not only to actively view foreign film festivals, to choose international awards, but also evaluated at the National Film Awards "Silver Crane" as the best documentary film. Composer Alberto Lucendo, who created the soundtrack for the film, was rewarded for the best work of the composer. The film also earned the sympathy prize from the public.

Documentary "Amazing Lusers, another planet" tells about one of the world's most challenging and popular rallies – the Giro d'Italia, in which one of the most important roles is for cyclists named Gregory, who ready to face the most difficult challenges as a result of the victory of their team leader. The film sees the backstage of prestigious races, which no filmmaker has been allowed to photograph for 40 years.

Almost 8 years ago, the film directed by A. Matelis was the largest cinema production project in Europe, with the participation of eight countries: Lithuania, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Northern Ireland / United Kingdom, Latvia, Spain and Belgium. The film production was supported by the Lithuanian Cinema Center.

"For years the film" Wonderful Luzers "by Arūnas Matelis was created in Italy, another planet" tells of those who always "stay behind the lap" – cyclists who help others win and register prizes. But his vagernia is much deeper. It is a film about sport that requires a lot of physical and spiritual effort, but also a philosophical reflection of the meaning of life, self-sacrifice and loyalty. "Beautiful speakers, Another Planet" is a certificate of professionalism of Lithuanian cinematography at a high level. The film offers excellent performance from the operator, accurate assembly, memorable soundtrack. Arūnas Matelis receives the highest prices and sympathies from various international film festivals and will represent Lithuanian cinema and the US Film Academy Awards ", says film critic Živilė Pipinytė, the chairman of the selection committee of the Lithuanian Oscars.

The decision on Lithuania's candidacy was adopted by secret ballot by the Lithuanian Oscars Selection Committee. The film critic Živilė Pipinytė (chairman of the committee), director and producer Giedrė Žickytė, producer Uljana Kim, director Linas Mikuta, animated film creator and producer Valentas Aškinis and film critic Santa Lingevičiūtė have made it. The selection of the candidate for the Oscars was organized by the Lithuanian Cinema Center.

The first candidates for Oscars in the foreign language category in the category of the best film were held in 2006. Last year, Lithuania represented Sarunas Bartas film "Šerkšnas".

Several important phases of the selection await the presentation of the Oscars to present the American Academy of Film Arts and Sciences at the 91st Ceremony. In January, the first secret ballot of the members of the academies who judge foreign films will choose the best ninety, the second will be approved by the last five, who will nominate and actually compete with Oscar for the best film in a foreign language. The 91st Ceremony of the Oscars Award for the American Academy for Cinema Arts and Sciences is planned for 2019. February 24th

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