The music world paid tribute to the late A. Franklin through the MTV awards

Queen Madonna, Madonna, has the late soul souls & # 39; Aretha Franklin (Arita Franklin) presided over for the music of the stars of the world that comes together during the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) ceremony.

The event took place four days after Franklin died of pancreatic cancer after 76 years. The music world used this broadcast to say goodbye to the starving star.

"She has taken me to where I am now and I know it has affected many people in the hall tonight," said Madonna, who died at the age of 60 at the age of A. Franklin.

A. Franklin has influenced the entire generation of singers with his memorable hits, such as Natural Woman and I Say a Little Prayer.

But Respect, released in 1967, became her business card and at the end of the VMA ceremony, the adaptation of Aretha's piece of Otis Redding, which encouraged the audience to dance wildly, was released.

"I want to thank you, Aretha, to make all of us possible." Pa-gar-ba. Long live the queen, "Madonna added.

The sudden ride of Cardi B, a newborn mother, was to be launched in the New City City City Radio City Music Hall, but she was surprised by many who came to take care of a baby on stage.

Instead, this was followed by a Canadian singer and songwriter, Shawn Mendes (Shona Mendes), who cheered her fans with the popular song "In My Blood", as a reflection of his fight against false anxiety attacks.

Rimba, masks, sharp bra & # 39; s

Card B was considered the most important star of the night – she was nominated for the greatest number of prizes, even the rapper Jay-Z (Jay Zi) and his wife pop music celebrity Beyonce (Beyonce) surpassed. The latter, however, earned only one prize – for the best cinematography shown in the Louvre video clip Apeshit.

Best of the Year music video was however awarded to the former band Fifth Harmony singer Camilai Cabello for the song "Havana". Previously she had to resist the comedian Tiffany Haddish (Tiffany Hadish) who pretended to pronounce the name of a singer born in Cuba and said hello to a rumor: "I only speak English."

In contrast to the prestigious Grammy Awards, VMA focuses on outrageous episodes that focus on television, and the winners themselves often find themselves in the second plan.

As always, the most controversial stars on the red carpet came out with striking dresses. This time it was possible to see a bra in a conical bowl in the case of bows, masks and, in the case of Amber Rose dummies.

Recently, the large awards ceremony did not prevent the deviations in politics. MTV has in turn announced a new +1 vote, which encourages young people to vote in mid-November mid-term elections.

The number & # 39; This Is America & # 39; of Repertory Childish Gambino (Chayldis Gambino) on armed violence and racism, whose video was over 100 million in the first week since its release on YouTube. Once he received the best video message and devoured the laurels for choreography and direction.

The unofficial motive of the evening was gold. Ariana Grande, a 25-year-old widow of children's pop music, wore a dress embroidered with golden flavors while singing "God is a woman" – her new adult work about sex fun.

"We are all people"

Rapper Logic and One Director, Ryan Tedder (Rajen Teder), had one of the most exciting moments of the day, where they & # 39; One Day & # 39; sang.

R. Tedder was already on stage when Logic was accompanied by dozens of immigrant children wearing a T-shirt with the words "We are all humans" and with candles.

Singer Jennifer Lopez, who stumbled upon her tight-fitting tunic, admired her city by bringing some of her biggest hits to the market, including songs "Is not your mom", "Love Do not Cost a Ding," and "Get Right."

Jenny From the Block was replaced by J Lo & # 39; s suit and tone, not to mention falling artificial snow. Rapper Ja Rule (Jaa Rool) played with "I & # 39; m Real" and "Is not It Funny" together with the singer.

The New York-based pop music primadona appeared for the first time since 2001 at the VMA ceremony and won the prize for the best collaboration project Dinero with DJ Khaled (Grand Prix) and Cardi B.

"I still have a lot to do, and in my heart I know that the future is even brighter", said Mr. Lopez by withdrawing the Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson) avant-garde prize for his contribution to pop culture.

Card B, which has become one of the most influential women in the hip hop scene, traditionally dominated by men, has also won the Best New Artist Award over a period longer than a year.

"A few months ago many people said:" Lozhi is out of her career, waiting for a baby … But I have a baby and now I am still lucky to receive the prize, "the rapper told the audience.

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