The officer's tip was picked up by Zabarauskas: remove the flag until the whole house is burnt down.

The famous director, who was known about the unpleasant situation, spoke in his fescue and also shared the story he had shared with DELFI. R. Zabarauskas was not only beaten up by the fire in the stairs, but also by the official who came to the incident. According to him, the policeman suggested to him to quickly grab a rainbow flag, which might remain a stumbling block. The director did not hide that he felt humiliated after this conversation with the police.

R. Zabarauskas Record:

& # 39; You have removed that flag until the whole house is burnt down, the policeman told me the next morning, the third morning, and still felt the smell of ventilation in the stairs smoking. I think that such a statement is about the lack of preparation for the Lithuanian police to deal with hate crimes and their victims, so I want to share this story.

At night I woke up from the battle of the firefighters to the neighbor's apartment on my floor. I went to the stairs with my bathrobe to observe the situation. An alien student called the services when he saw a burning door when he returned home. I helped him talk to the firefighters who did not speak English.

At first it seemed like the fire was inside and there was fear. Fortunately, the tenant of that apartment came back after a while. When the door opened, it appeared that no one had been burned in the apartment, no one was injured. Consequently, the exterior of the apartment was specially burnt mat, doors, stair floors.

R. Zabarauskas stands for a fire

R. Zabarauskas stands for a fire

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The work of the fire brigade was expanded by the police. By taking the opportunity, I wanted the police officers to present their context to be considered in their study. In the end, the LGL office and the Vladimir Simonko apartment were recently burned in the same way. It was in solidarity that I marked a rainbow of a week ago and publicized it. Hate crimes are cruel because they intimidate the entire affected community. So of course I also had fears when I saw this fire. I DO NOT BELIEVE that this fire was for us, especially because the windows of this apartment go to the other side. However, you agree that such a version may not be worth paying attention unless otherwise explained. Keep in mind in particular that LGL escapiers are not yet available.

Unfortunately, the policeman reluctantly accepted my story. Initially interrupted, wondering how that was. Then I just ordered that I remove the rainbow flag. I said her comment is not adequate. She repeatedly drew the flag because she was concerned about the safety of the house, and said the words quoted: "Go away until the whole house is burned." It did not help me feel safer or better. I felt humble because of my attempt to help the police investigate the crime. At my request, the police officer still wrote my name and telephone number so that I could apply if necessary.

I refuse to fear and refuse to remain silent.

I really do not intend to remove the flag.

I also invite you to grab a rainbow flag on your balcony or window to support the Lithuanian LGBT + community.

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