The owner of the largest crate in England has done an incredible amount of operations: do not stop anyone

The glamor model ensures the largest breasts in the UK. She spent 40 thousand. pound for breast augmentation surgery, and now shows the extent of the chest size of the H body and plans to increase it even more, although doctors warned of possible risks.

Nicki Valentina Rose (26), living in London, has always admired women with a big chest and the first implants are 21 years old. After several operations, a girl with a B-size breast now shows the size of H.

As a teenager at school, she suffered cruel remarks about her so-called big nose. Since then she has paid 20 thousand. pound and made three nose improvement operations. Nicki improved his lips.

Because of its appearance it has become a popular instagram. Now it is a glamor model.

Nick admits that her new appearance causes discomfort when she drives or sleeps.

Doctors warn the girl that more operations can cause her back pain and chronic fatigue, but she still wants to perform a breast augmentation operation.

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