The song of the actors of Klaipėda – about the villains of Lithuania

Singing sung singers with the song "Ode to Klaipėda"Pinigautojai"And again raced – created a new video with the ironic face of the century of Lithuania.

Video clip "Marmetu" ("Maro time" red.past.) got momentum and started to circulate online. People in the comments are looking forward to the courage of the actors to create what everyone sees, but does not speak aloud.

Originally the song, which had to remain a joke, was converted into an electronic version, later decided Donatas Želvys, who was initiated by his colleagues, to watch it all more seriously. More than 80 people working on the idea were filmed for the clip. Most of them are professional actors of the Klaipėda Youth Theater, the rest – people who enjoyed a clip and broadcast a song.

Gytis Šimelionis: In the beginning, & # 39; Pinchers & # 39; just a joke. We never think about ours "Bajer" can grow into a kind of solid foundation. However, some time after our first appearance on the street came the perception that we want something more meaningful for ourselves. After the success of the song "Ode to Klaipėda", it is clear that the themes that seem important to us also seem to be so close to other people. After dealing with the painful problems of the city of Klaipėda, it was panoramic to make a work of some broader phenomenon and where it was, where the hundred years of restoration of Lithuania's independence had not changed. I have nothing before the celebration, but there are limits to everything. We have tried to address the assumed artistic form – the song.

I like to be part of the "Moneybookers" group (I'm only writing text and music), I can talk about some sort of problem or common theme, not just singing about the sun I can not dance or dress. After the release of "Marmet" we will continue our work, no matter how the clip will be accepted, because there are thoughts for further works. So as long as there is money, there will also be "Moneybookers" songs.

The main message of the song – the eyes of the audience are closed against the biggest beeps.

Donatas Želvys: Marmetu video clip about the centenary of the bullying community, where everything can go absolutely because people no longer feel anything. Lives we get it in the room, and do not scratch the odors, no one has left the room anymore. Just live with a bad smell. Violence, bullying, alcohol, discrimination and celebration have become important values. They do not see themselves outside the country. And only when they are strangled by a stranger, do they stop and become silent, but instead of changing, the hundred-year community of the bar begins to justify. This video is made with a very small budget (more precisely without this budget). I am very happy that almost 80 people have contributed to this idea! Who worked without pay. Money lenders do not want to be absent. This is not a parallel with our country, it is a fiction. For the community that has been given for a hundred years.

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