The translator of the "lasers" came back from America

Klaipėda photographer Gintautas Beržinskas presented the exhibition "Giro d & # 39; Italia: Victory Anatomy" at the Nida Tourism and Information Center "Agila". Yesterday visitors to the exhibition were invited to the documentary film "Wonderful Lusers" by Arūnas Matelis. Another planet "review In 2014, Gintautas and Arūnas left for Italy, hoping to capture bicycle races where no other foreigner had ever been.

The girlfriend of G. Beržinskas, Ramūnas Rakauskaitė, has been working for the creative studio "Nominum" of A. Matel for many years. She told the photographer about the upcoming film project for the first time. "I remember my reaction – oh! – how interesting it would be to take part.At that moment our conversation ended.A year or two, Ramunė asked him (apparently, after talking to Arūnas) if I wanted to. and would I agree to go to the race? Of course there was no doubt about it, for me it was a dream come true, "Gintautas recalled the invitation to go to Giro d & # 39; Italia.

It is not easy to step into the backstage of the prestigious races, what to say about their camera for capturing. No driver has received such a license for 40 years. Matelis sought help from a cyclist who lived in Italy, a winner of the Giro d'Italia and a winner of the Tour de France, world champion Edit Pucinskaitė. The Lithuanians were persevering. He established friendly relations with cyclists, presented them the idea of ​​the film. They told their director about their experiences.

The artists' lenses have not gone to the Giro d'Italia champions, but to the so-called gregory racers who start the race to help win the team captain. Nobody is interested in losers, their ailments and ailments, these cyclists do not play sports journalists, the lasers do not climb on the winners' podium. When you have reached a hundred, Gregory has done his job well.

Then the cyclist is a motorcycle

G. Beržinskas – a former rider, athletic trainer – knew little about professional cycling. "Arūnas did not have a clear plan like what he would film Races – completely unpredictable – you do not know what to choose from the hero that awaits them in the future, the director of the cyclists filmed more and later their number dropped And I had to adapt to the work of the film group, one day I was traveling with one of the operators and I stopped photographing, on others I drove all day on a motorcycle and I made photos after racing, "Gintautas said.

Did the developers experience what physical endurance is? "Yes, while driving and photographing you have to sit still in a motorcycle saddle," said the interlocutor.

He remembered the history of the Italian cyclist Paolo Tiralong. Tiralong has been in Gregory Alberto Contadoro's team for years. In the 2011 race she met the finish line. After a fierce battle, Alberto Paolo gave a 19th victory and expressed thanks for his long years of work. Subsequently, A. Matelis filmed P. Tiralong and watched the report of her exciting victory.

Before he starts, he takes a dive

A. Matel & # 39; s films show how persistent athletes do not stop pain or trauma. However, they do not prevent falls, serious injuries or fractures. How were these moments recorded by G. Berzhinsky? Is the ethical code of conduct of a photographer pre-written? "Because it was a unique, new experience, I had no pre-defined working rules, but I wanted to do it as well as possible, setting the different frames: the participants and viewers of the race, the organizer, the environment and the scope of the race. Event itself, I had a chance to make lots of photos It's a shame that I could not put everything in a small exhibition, "said Klaipėda.

The most interesting for the photographer were the athletes and their invisible inner world. "It can be sent through details, after stopping the minute and viewing the photo, one can appreciate the human eye, the expression and the outfit, then there's an impression of what's happening there. to show me seemed like an audiovisual photo, around the cyclist is silent, but in my mind, I think, quiet music sounds, "Gintautas said.

The mindset of the athlete really impresses. They are waiting for the start. Quietly read the diagnosis of a doctor without a doubt. After the healing wounds find a way to sit back on a bicycle. "I got a motorcyclist at the start of the race and the athletes start moving in the first row when they start, and the actual start will happen when everyone moves," the photographer explained. And he added: "Although cyclists have time to get up, it's hard to imagine how you can work so hard with five or six hours."

Not random at all

A. Matelis has said that cycling is not the dream of his youth. And G. Beržinskas has once trained future athletes in Klaipėda. "This film is accidentally not accidental," he explained.

Later Gintautas lived in Chicago, USA for sixteen years. I took a picture of my free time. Photography is his hobby from childhood. "Like many young people, many people can tell you how the strips in the bathroom shone.This also started with my hobby – the photographer of the muttering – I started exercising later on.Sport demanded a lot of strength and daily attention so that other activities In my mind, when I lived in America, I once thought: it's time to take something that would be for the soul, I realized it very late, I bought a camera and took another picture.

"I am sick of a bicycle."

Lithuanian hockey games, published in one edition, were noticed by representatives of the National Ice Hockey League. He suggested that he would become an official competition photographer. But then Gintautas had already decided to return to Lithuania.

Was this solution light? "I decided – I will go, friends did not agree:" Do you think – maybe you come back to Lithuania and want to retire? "Gintautas recalled – I had no other explanation: I just had time to go home I have never had a final decision to live in America, I wanted to see that dreamland, and I said to my mother, "How sad do you cry? I will return last year and I will return. "When I came back, sixteen had passed, Dad was gone. & # 39;

A victory is still a defeat

Cinema and theater G. Beržinskas previously photographed. Art – one of the most interesting objects in the lens? "Yes, the theater and the music are my favorites, there is a lot of emotion there, trying to catch them is an interesting task", – the photographer thought.

His exhibition in Nida takes place at the film festival "Baltic Wave", until 29 August. The author called it "Victory Anatomy". "Victory is a complex thing, especially in such competitions, there is no way a cyclist drove and finished first, and the team's work is largely determined by a group of people," Gintautas said. And he said: "One falls, the other helps the fallen, brings water, accompanies the leader, someone wins and rejoices or complains." In principle the race is a victory of one victory and others, both are emotionally intense, only the victory is positive, so I showed it and the price. "

The premiere of "Outstanding Lusers" took place in 2017, in Lithuania this year. The photographer saw the film for the first time in October last year during the Warsaw Film Festival. "I did not see the intermediate band, and I did not want to see it, so the end result (and especially the music) surprised me, the race seemed to be everything, but it turns out that I still do not know everything. the creation of the film, "Gintautas said.

The Oscars & Selection Committee of the Lithuanian Oscar decided to award the prizes to the American Academy of Film Arts and Sciences. The documentary film will be nominated for "Oscars" in the categories of foreign films and best documentary.

After he had learned that such a film will be developed, G. Berzhinsky dreamed of participating in the project. And now you can appreciate: this experience has indeed become an important event in his life.

"I got a chance, as it were once in life, maybe again as a tourist, I will go to the Giro d & # 39; Italia race and I imagine I will not stop at one place and not passing riders will look in. I am sick of a bicycle My wife, Edita, is interested in my activities, often and helps In the summer we watch the most important cycling events on TV I often say: because of that it was worth it return from America ", – convinced photographer.

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