Tuesday evening at LRT Opus Terrace – MaNNazz

On August 21, at the LRT Opus Terrace, located in the courtyard of the Loft art factory, MaNNaz.

The MaNNazz band is a mix of live, electronic and beatbox-like music and vocals with an extremely wide and colorful ambient, drum & bass, blues, pop and much more palette of music styles. The founders of the group, Kamila Kielaitė-Sienkiewicz (Kami) and Bogdan Sienkiewicz (Bogis), claim that the most important characteristic of their music is the genuine and unique atmosphere created during concerts. Artists are not afraid to cross their comfort zone to touch your hearts with the listeners. Guitarist Rytis Taraila will help the duo on the terrace.

The LRT OPUS terrace, waiting weekly for music-loving visitors, is friendly to everyone: fans of good music, families, children and animals.

The LRT Opus terrace is the only summer terrace that invites residents and city dwellers of Vilnius to a unique industrial environment – the urban New Town district. Only one kilometer away from the old town and the train and bus station of Vilnius, the terrace is restorative and harmful in the summer. For the first year, Lofto hosts, in keeping with Western urban flowering urban agriculture, has previously given fabrics a new, summer-freshness and playful color.

Entrance fee for this evening: only 3 euros with Facebook R.S.V.P., for others 5 euros. Tickets can be purchased online goo.gl/u1u9cW or at the door. The "LRT OPUS Terasas" are visited by the inhabitants of Vilnius and the city in the courtyard of the Loft Factory (entrance of Paneriu St. 37, through the shopping center "Iris").

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