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On 18 October the MO Museum will start with a four-day MOorton. MO presents its first exhibition "All Art – About Us" and a museum ticket for the opportunity to participate in two selected events.

On October 18th and 21st, various art areas and more diverse visitors will be available in the museum. MO is open and inviting and creates a museum together, so the opening of the MO is made together with friends who want to congratulate the MO Museum – a new space on the map of Lithuanian culture.

MO Museum
Photograph by Norbert Tukaj

The MO Museum offers visitors not only the changing exhibitions, but also numerous events. During the opening of the museum you can visit events that become permanent. The "Southern break in the museum" enables you to get acquainted with the exhibition and to have lunch at the same time – an exceptional opportunity for the professionals of the city to introduce art into their daily routine. "Meeting with a work of art" will invite a famous person to get acquainted with a work of art together with a prominent person. On the fourth opening day, just like every Sunday, families will be especially welcome.

These are just a few details of the MO Opening Program. The four-day festival includes visual arts, music, dance, theater, performance, cinema. The founders of the museum, Danguolė and Viktoras Butkai, architect Daniel Libeskind, curator of the first exhibition Raminta Jurėnaitė, collectors, literary, theater and film representatives, journalists, musicians and others will share their thoughts with visitors. There will be discussions about identity, culture in internet time, contemporary art.

MO Museum
Photograph by Norbert Tukaj

The full MO Opening Program will start in early October and will also be accompanied by registration and ticket sales. Tickets are only sold online. One ticket is invited to visit the exhibition and two selected events of the program. Visits are only available at the time and at the events where you are registered. Pre-registration will be done to make everyone feel comfortable and wonderful.

How will it work?

Anyone who wants to visit MO Museum on October 18-21 must register on the MO Museum website and select the time of the exhibition and up to two events on each opening day. In this way, each visitor buys a ticket with his own opening program.

The museum's sponsors and the developers of the MO Museum receive a pre-visit to the museum for the opening and a free entrance ticket for the opening, which also requires an entrance to the exhibition and two selected events.

The opening of the newsletter of the MO Museum can be followed on the social network of Facebook: http://bit.ly/MOstartas

Photograph by Norbert Tukaj

The MO Museum, founded by the personal initiative of scientists Danguolė and Viktoras Butkus, functioned for almost a decade as a museum without walls. The collection of 5,000 contemporary and contemporary works of art consists of the Lithuanian art facility for 20th century art. The sixties to the present day.

From 2018 On 18 October, MO will be a good leisure place. Here you can come and invite for exhibitions, films, educational activities, concerts and other events for different age groups. One of the goals of MO is to form an active community – MOdernistus – that support the idea of ​​MO and help create a new museum together.

MO Museum

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