Vilius Alesius and his wife already kill their son: we are still trying to understand what has happened

Looking forward to happiness and excitement, V. Alesius said that his wife felt good and that the baby born at six o'clock in the morning was also healthy and well-to-do, "while Mama is close by."

"A woman is tired after a night's sleep, but everyone is happy," he said.

The man said that although the boy did not choose a name, he knows exactly that he will start with the letter V. The family is already considering different names, but will decide later.

V. Alesius and his wife married in 2011 and are currently raising seven daughters in Emilia. Speaking of the famous man did not hide that she had prepared her daughter in advance for the duties of her older sister and explained how her life would change at the time of her brother's birth. "This change is really important," he said.

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