Weekly chart: you can improve your financial situation or have favorable conditions to agree with something


At the beginning of the week you have to worry if you have recently announced your feelings or plans to someone else. The body will be resistant to infections. Do not miss a lot of work that you can do without rush, without overload, thinking. Perhaps you will be surprised by the statements of a good friend. On the contrary, do not get involved in the war of wrath. You will not regret the weekend if you want to pamper yourself and your family members to your heart's content, or decorate the houses, the surroundings of the house, the rental negotiations, repair services, etc. It is good to rest in nature.


The beginning of the week will be full of communication and maybe dating. Still, do not exaggerate by chatting compliments, because every hypocrisy, whispers will be very tangible and will die. There will be no shock in the middle of the week, society. Take care of your health, image, hygiene. From Friday there is some initiative, originality and diligence needs. You can impress and surprise others. It would be good to spend some of your free time in the wild, out of trouble.


Communication with managers, officers or journalists does not respond this week. It seems that he will not have much to hide the defects. Probably there is an urgent need to deal with documents or official matters. You will feel relieved if you can not work hard to reach an agreement. Pay more attention to friends, collectives, do not contact events, events. During the weekend you tend to combine your dreams with reality and behave unusually. Take care of your health, give yourself enough time to relax, family.


Encounters with foreigners, celebrities or business related to documents, travel, information, science and advertising are expected this week. For travel or entertainment, you can feel late. It seems that you are pretty energetic and are going to influence others. There are some good changes at work or elsewhere. If you did not have a real friend, you will enjoy your friendship. From Friday onwards you will realize the desire to communicate, to dive into sport or elsewhere, in the whirlpool of events. Also consider the needs of children.


This week, taxes, finances, legacies, insurance, etc. will be more worrisome. It is important to contract well. However, your desire to do many things, to do things or change your mind and treat others can embarrass you. You can receive a message, a message from a research institution, court or something similar. You can celebrate something in public. You probably plan your trip, remember, surf the internet while searching for new routes or really enjoy your experiences away from home. You can meet people with whom you share common interests on weekends.


Try to be restrained and strong at the beginning of the week, even if you openly push competitors against your wheels. It seems that you want the opportunities or secret interests of other people. The tensions of money, business, taxes, expenses or children grow. A partner or sponsor can help, but psychologically you will not easily ask. You will have plenty to think about studies, outings, plans for the future. It is time to change the environment at the weekend, stay away from home. Expect interesting meetings, events, new acquaintances.


This week you can receive news regarding work, work or medical research results. Very receptive to the comments about the appearance, lifestyle. You definitely need a society, a close-knit soul. Not only a friend of life and business partners, but even your competitors will look better, learn from them. It would not be easy to pin down financial problems, borrowing, support options. You can experience a tasty adventure on the weekend. But the money is slipping out of your pocket.


Do not look too lucky this week – appreciate what you have. Sex is creative, you will understand the growth period. It will not be easy to innovate and become popular, but do not get involved in conflicting discussions. You may need to check your health, perform medical procedures and correct your image. Maybe someone comes to an intermediary if you are looking for a job or a necessary service. The weekend would be suitable for solving marital and love problems, visiting relatives. A friendly attitude helps you find the way to the hearts of others.


Speak to your neighbors this afternoon to avoid misunderstandings, and it would be no surprise to hear about the expected changes at work or at home, requests for mutual relationships, travel and the like. The situation will test how much you have known morality. You can show up in creative and recreational activities. The wallet will need to be expanded to meet the needs of children. You can get an unexpected job offer. Look at the details during the weekend if you are looking for a product, a trip, and so on. – they can prove to be significant.


The rest of this week can be shocked by an unexpected transport event, meeting or announcement. View documents – maybe something needs to be corrected, overwritten. When you get the chance, you can relax in a cozy homely environment or enjoy the time of the family. The family members will be grateful for the harmonious relationship between them. The end of the week promises romantic happiness, more creativity. Expect a date with a persistent fan or go to an entertainment event. Humility can be given by children.


This week it will be necessary to manage real estate, rent, cash, trade and business contracts. Instead, do not go into risky business, unclear businesses. You probably get more relatives and friends. From the middle of the week it is advisable to participate in advertising, communication, information, science and trade-related activities. Search the weekend to admire nature, relax and treat your children. It seems that you get attention from a person you feel with special feelings.


This week you will be very sensitive and intuitive. Your tips and predictions are not necessarily heard and evaluated. At work there may be some difficulties during the trip. It looks like you will not have business, financial adventures, but it can succeed. Potential material gain, profitability. When approaching the weekend, it would be good to make a short trip, make contracts, advertise, shop. Find events, meetings and lots of news. At the same time you can improve your financial situation or on favorable terms to arrange something.

The horoscope was prepared by Sidonia Kulikauskiene

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