Young photographer I. Kerinaitė: I make photo's for my pleasure

It is difficult to imagine life without photos now. Many people share suspended moments of their lives in social media, smartphones are well served. Yet lovers of art photography remain loyal to the camera. The young photographer Inga Kerinaitė, who temporarily resided abroad, does not care.

The author of the original exhibition

Fiesbuck helps finding a friend. Kaunietė is currently in England and will return in September. What wind did Inga bring? The girl opens: "I wanted to make money Last year the possibility appeared to work in Skegnese."

This spa in the east of England is not only characterized by the beautiful sandy North Sea coast, but also by great attractions. Inga has been working as a carousel operator for almost a year.

Inga has listened to the training program for the horse business at Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Center, but photography is an integral part of her life. Admittedly, she started photographing late in the eleventh grade. Initially many different objects photographed. "I like photography, of which the first plan is clear and everything merges, it is not bad for the reportage, but most as portraits," shared his discoveries.

The 22-year-old girl has been able to organize an exhibition of her photographs, with students from Kaunas University of Technology from India. The idea of ​​the exhibition was presented and executed by the head of the KTU photo studio, which was visited by Inga, Donatas Stankevičius. The young photographer prepared an exhibition of Indian youth portraits to commemorate the 40-year jubilee of the KTU photo studio.

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Inga joyfully offered a photography offer: "I think the attention these people have shown has helped to integrate more closely in the university and the urban community."

I wondered if the students were willing to take pictures, how they were able to find a common language with other people. "The students were happy to make photos, they also brought their acquaintances, and we found a common language, but it was still harder for me to communicate in English, but somehow we came in contact We talked about very simple things: the fact that many of them love winter and snow that people are friendly, about the quality of the research, that the university has good laboratories and the conditions for working there, and the eager ones have begun asking questions when the exhibition is taking place, "reminds the young photographer.

If photography does not become my source of income, I will still take a picture. For yourself, for your pleasure.

The exhibition was presented to KTU last September and it became the first traveling exhibition of the KTU photo studio. When she started her journey in Kaunas, she visited the schools of the country.

This is the first personal exhibition of I.Kerinaite, but her works have been shown in various exhibitions, social networks, feisbuke her account "Inga K. Photography".

It is no coincidence that I ask for the upcoming exhibitions, because Inga talked about a project with singing boys. The photo series was almost finished and at the opening of the exhibition he wanted to give viewers the chance to hear their music.

Inga does not say a bit and carefully shares her creative plans: "I do not think about exhibitions at the moment, but later, yes."

Will the hobby work?

The young photographer, as the greatest authority, distinguishes the photographer, the winner of the Lithuanian national culture and art prize, and the honorary member of the Lithuanian art photographer association Algimantas Aleksandravičius. Especially admired are portraits.

Is Inga, like most people nowadays, memorizing moments from her life with a mobile phone, is the camera better for her? "Yes, lately I usually take photos on the phone, but simple photos," she says, "she does not deny the girl." I photograph a camera with my photography, although I do not see it that often. "

When asked if he wants to associate his future with photography, Inga does not hide – he would like it, but he has not thought about how he should carry out his work and stay in the conditions of enormous competition. "If photography does not become my source of income, I will still take a picture of myself, for my pleasure," says I.Kerinaitė.

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