Baby's are starting a free new vaccine against rotavirus from September

From September to September, two children are vaccinated free of charge against rotavirus infection. Including this vaccine in the calendar for preventive vaccination of children, the State Patient Fund purchased 175 thousand from the Ministry of Health (VLK). the doses of this vaccine.

"For the vaccine, parents with children of this age should contact their family doctor.The vaccination schedule for the whole rotavirus infection consists of three doses of the vaccine.The first dose of the vaccine will be given to babies of two months old , the second to four months and the third to six months The vaccine is special because children do not have to be afraid of a needle stomach – it is used orally, "said Lina Reinartiene, head of the Healthcare Department at the VLK.

According to her, vaccine treatment facilities should be on 1 September. They have to take care of themselves – they have to take the ordered vaccine from the Infectious Diseases and AIDS Center.

Specialists recall that a rotavirus infection is a viral intestinal infection that causes severe acute diarrhea, fever and vomiting in infants and young children. The baby's body quickly loses water, resulting in a breakdown in many organs and the risk of generalized poisoning. In a rotavirus infection the babies are often in the hospital. The most reliable prophylaxis of this infection is vaccination.

"In terms of illness, children are one of the most vulnerable groups, so we are happy that a new vaccine has been reimbursed without additional bonuses, which has long been compensated in Estonia and Latvia, which is a novelty of the vaccine this year. Since July, babies have been vaccinated against meningococcal infection, "said L. ReinartienÄ—.

Vaccines for vaccination of children are purchased by the VLK each year, they are paid by the compulsory health insurance fund. More money is made available each year for the immunoprophylaxis program to ensure good health for the growing generation.

In accordance with the deadlines for preventive vaccination of children set in the calendar, children in the healthcare institutions in our country who have concluded contracts with local health insurance funds are free of vaccines purchased by VLK from the following communicable diseases: tuberculosis, hepatitis B , pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, type B Haemophilus influenza infections, measles, epidemic parotitis, rubella, pneumococcal infections, type B meningococcal infections. In addition, 11-year-old girls are vaccinated with a vaccine against human papillomavirus.

VLK calls for timely vaccination of children against infectious diseases. Specialists recall that for the vaccination of each child parents must be informed about the procedure for designating vaccines, and that the parents who have received the information and consent must be signed in the history of the child's health evolution. It is not vaccinated in very rare cases, such as a serious illness or a weakened immune system. Parents must be informed by their doctor.

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