Bird parasites fly in healthy human skin: a specialist advises how to avoid them

More than 200 million people worldwide experience a so-called swimming experience every year.

"People in Lithuania also complain about irritated skin after bathing in lakes and ponds Some water-flowering species that produce" water flowers "produce toxins that soothe human skin, but bird flu parasites are also the cause of allergies & # 39; 39 ;, warns Daiva Veitienė, parasitologist at the microbiological research department of the National Laboratory for Public Health (NSPL).

According to D. Veitienė itchy parasites fly in healthy human skin. They do not need wounds, as in the case of tetanus, do not need insect carriers, such as tick-borne encephalitis or Lyme disease, do not have to come through the mouth, as in intestinal infections. Adequate for warm, calm water or a small stream of water, waterfowl, molluscs and people.

"Adult parasites – chistosomes – parasitize the water body in the water body Shistosomi eggs with water birds fall into the water The larvae (miracidia) that penetrate them penetrate the bodies of the molluscs, ripen to a certain stage (cerkarias) and pouring back into the water They are free to swim in waterfowl (because there are parasites of birds), but if you happen to be a human, it is also good, "said Veitienė.

Because man is not a bird, the larvae of the parasite birds do not continue to grow, they hit human skin. According to a parasitologist, a man is a biological stalemate. But what are the effects of parasitoids on the person himself?

According to D. Veitienė, 10-15 minutes after bathing or other contact with water that contains water bird shistosomi larvae – cercarians, they begin to rub, itch, burn or rub over the skin. This can take several hours, sometimes a week. If there were many larvae in the water, if the person had been several times, the temperature can rise and if the itchy acne is found, there can be an infection and there may be an abscess.

"If there are many molluscs in the warm water, there are a lot of cerkaria Cercaria adherence is stimulated by the lipid of the human skin," the interlocutor said and advised how he could protect himself against them.

Before swimming, it is advisable to cleanse the skin with a lotion containing alcohol or, if you have conditions, wash with soap. "Another tip is to forcefully clean the water with a towel from the body or to cleanse the skin with an alcoholic lotion," said Veitienė, adding that there is no specific treatment for the itchy inhibition of the so-called swimmer. An unpleasant symptom takes time to pass.

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