Excessive hand washing can be harmful to health: when should you really do this?

Washing hands is one of the most important things to protect your health. The US Centers for Disease Control remind us that we often reduce our risk of developing viral diseases and transferring bad bacteria to others.

Although washing hands is really necessary and useful, recent studies offer other facts – too often we wash your hands to reduce the amount of good bacteria. Recent research by scientists also raises the question whether putting too much emphasis on our hygiene does not expose us to serious health problems.

How often should we wash your hands? According to specialists, daily routine and routine hand washing will not be harmful to our health and will not kill good bacteria, but too simply can be really harmful to your health.

"Based on science, good bacteria that live on the skin are very important to us and soap rinsing does not disappear," says Richard Gall, founder and chief of the California Department of Dermatology, San Diego University.

According to him, the good bacteria on the skin only start to appear when they are born: "Bacteria settle on our skin and it becomes a permanent habitat for bacteria, good bacteria are not affected by repeated hand washing, antibacterial fluids or daily showers. Constant and extremely frequent hand washing can certainly be important, in extreme cases the skin of the washable hands often starts to dry and is damaged. "

An in-house medicine specialist, Samer Blockmon, agrees and warns that frequent hand washing can increase the risk of developing various diseases: "If you wash your hands very often, you may find the naturally occurring oils and bacteria in addition to dirt. that protect the body from viruses, and there are patients who clean their hands so often that their skin begins to split, causing harmful bacteria to travel to deeper skin layers and internal organs. "

A specialist says that the sign that you often wash your hands may consist of itchy skin, redness, redness or pain.

"In general, if you wash your hands or use an antibacterial gel and the skin on your hands looks healthy, everything is fine, and if you do not see clear violations, you can assume that you do not harm your health", says S. Blockmon.

Although washing hands is an important and necessary way to protect against infectious diseases and harmful bacteria, not all skin that reaches our skin is harmful. Experts say that immune-boosting bacteria are beneficial every day.

"Bacteria are not only on our skin, but also in the nose and throat – it is impossible to avoid them," says William Schaffner, specialist in infectious diseases.

He also agrees with R. Gallo that an ordinary washing can also cause allergies: "A child growing in an environment that uses many disinfectants and antibiotics has a significantly higher risk of allergies than a child growing in a different environment. So it can be assumed that an excessive attempt to prevent germs has a negative impact on our health. "

Gallo adds that bacterial eradication measures often do not work as we imagine. "Antibacterial soap is not as effective as we think – its performance is small, it works much better antibacterially, when it cleans the surface and the dishes, but the skin is minimal .The effect of antibacterial soap will not be much higher than that of ordinary soap and water, "he says.

When is it really necessary to wash your hands? Experts believe that the most important thing is to formulate the right washing habits: wash your hands after using the toilet before eating and eating, and if you sneeze or cry in your palms before touching your face.

A survey by US State University in Michigan has shown that 95 percent of people are unable to wash their hands properly using the toilet. This increases the risk of spreading harmful bacteria and the chance of infection due to various infections.

W. Schaffner recommends moisturizing and softening hands well – soap is surrounded by bacteria and removed with water. However, it is not enough to take hands quickly – specialists advise at least twice in mind to sing the songs of the song "With a birthday". If you are unable to wash your hands with soap, antibacterial fluid may be sufficient for a short time.

However, if you only lean to drop a coin on the floor, wipe your dog or use a telephone – you do not need to rush your hands every time.

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