French farms are the largest outbreak of deadly diseases in 20 years

The authorities of the Upper Alpine region in the southeastern mountain range have indicated that the disease, which could infect people and in some cases was deadly, has spread to 28 nurseries since June.

Blackbird is usually contaminated with bacteria that can survive the disease for decades. One of the sources of infection can be the death of dead animals.

French vets find it difficult to fight the outbreak, because the Spanish laboratory that produces the vaccine has closed the summer holiday in August.

Agnes Chavanon, senior official in the region, said that the state is talking with partners in Europe about the availability and acquisition of vaccines "from other countries that may have accumulated reserves.

The case of black pigs infecting people is "extremely rare," says Christine Ortmans, MD, a regional health care provider at ARS.

During the current outbreak, no cases of human infection have yet been registered, she said.

The most common form of anthrax, skin-inducing ulcers, is rarely fatal if treated with antibiotics.

Bacillus anthracis, however, produces strong poison and has previously been used as a biological weapon.

The best-known attacks hit the United States in 2001, a week after the terrorist attacks of 11 September. Subsequently letters were sent with traces of the pathogens.

Five people died during these attacks and 17 people were ill. Eventually a single biological weapons specialist was indicted, but he committed suicide.

Sergei Cavalli, Senior Service Officer of the Oberalese government, said that cattle were vaccinated in the event of an outbreak of regional farms.

Farmers involved are prohibited from supplying food for at least 21 days until the farms have been disinfected and vaccinated animals will develop immunity.

All cultured milk must be pasteurized and subsequently destroyed.

The latest anthrax outbreak in France took place in 2008. Now the disease has spread to 23 farms, mostly in the eastern two departments.

The first case of the current outbreak was discovered on June 28 in the village of Mongarden. There were six cows dead and another twelve were infected.

In the case of black pigs, the cows are pulled out, they get blood from the opening of the body. Cattle usually dies faster than the day.

This disease is relatively rare, although more than 100 infections have been reported in French companies since 1999. As a rule, outbreaks occur in hot summers after heavy periods of drought.

ARS indicated that 103 people in the Bovenalpen were considered to be in contact with infected animals. Most of them are farmers, vets or slaughterhouse workers.

Half of them received preventive antibiotic therapy, officials said.

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