G.Bružienė: Nonetheless, it is who helps out of the basics, or lives the whole truth about Echinacea

Then you put a bowl of water when the yellow flowers water runs out. Then take a picture in the bath, dilute it, lie down and blizzard. The bathtub will also help to prevent drowsiness and even infertility – in the 17th century, the Irish people married that it really helps. From infertility, raskilas (alchemilla lot) needs water, collected from the leaves of the leaves of the eastern dew in the same bath.

However, it is time to buy a house or a balcony (especially a lot of capra aegagrus hircus), but the real phytotherapist does not have to finish the big sciences. And you can learn lessons from animals.

Photo by Linas Bruzas / Ožiukai

Photo by Linas Bruzas / Ožiukai

No problem is that the Latin name of the goat will not touch, but Shattats will know that every grass of the hardened spirals is now being pressed. Kate (artemisia) goats prefer to scrub, tanacetum, lotus corylus, leaves of hawthorn (crataegus), and the tree can linger if an affair arises and what they do not like. . And there is nothing harmful – neither thyroid, nor blood pressure, nor smoking.

Herbs that soothe nerves

This one student wrote in the following way: "The carcass was cut off by smoking to smoke, but the persistent smoked still." Those who persist in their thoughts are very big optimists, and the cigarette is strongly drawn from the latter, even if they are not already in the head.

For those optimists who have no heads, it would be good for the labyrinth (verboscum), the lungs (lung), the daughters (plantago) tea to heal (I repeat – do not smoke and drink tea), but above all you have to think.

I do not care if you do not worry! And even if the cutting head still thinks of it, it would be unfair for the creeps, hops (hoodlops), stems (many Leonurus), honey-tea teas. And if they do not have it yet, maybe you can drink a virgin Echinacea.

Photo by Linas Bruzas / Eziole

Photo by Linas Bruzas / Eziole

What is Echinaceous Tea?

The Echinacea of ​​the rhubarb was distributed to our kindergartens in North America, the Indians treated them with all kinds of unhealthy diseases, external healing of the furunculum, carbuncle, all kinds of tufts and burns in particular. Incorrectly formed Indian head and toothache, strengthens the immune system. Echinacea breaks bacteria, flu, to drink tea in the case of psoriasis, eczema, gynecological, urological problems, even in the case of blood contamination.

However, Echinacea should not be taken with other medicines. Do not use during pregnancy with tuberculosis, leukemia, AIDS and multiple sclerosis. Echinacea need not be used as a stomach for longer than 4 weeks, as if you have been using it for longer and in high doses, the effect will be the opposite – immunity is only suppressed.

In this way smokeless smokers have Echinacea tea to heal, to improve their lungs and immunity – even if, according to Ayurveda, almost all skin conditions are caused by the lungs.

For more information about valuable herbs from different herbs, go to the Herbal Facebook account. Pruners and roots.

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