How will your body change after giving up alcohol?

The effects of alcohol on the human body can be very devastating. Fortunately, more and more people understand this, and alcohol consumption is severely restricted or refused to do so, according to

How will your body change after giving up alcohol? Believe it, absolutely for the better. And it does not matter that you only drink a glass of wine per week – you will certainly feel these changes.

So, what changes do you make when you give up alcohol?

You can lose a few pounds

If you give up alcohol, you may be surprised if you lose a few pounds. And it is not strange, given that alcohol contains a lot of calories, especially drinks with added sugar. So when these drinks in our diet change the water, we get fewer calories and eventually we lose a few kilograms.

The study, conducted by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, found that those who consumed alcohol at least once a month, even 41 percent. more chance of weight gain. This means that the risk of overweight and obesity increases noticeably when taking alcohol.

In addition, giving up alcohol is a good start for a healthier lifestyle.

The skin becomes cleaner

According to the United States Dermatology Academy, alcohol consumption is directly related to the condition of the skin. The online website of the academy states that "alcohol removes moisture from the skin, which is very harmful."

The quality of sleep will improve

Alcohol not only sheds the rhythm of the day and causes males but also disrupts the sleep process. Although it can be deceitful that a glass of wine helps to fall asleep, alcohol is even harmful. As the authors of the study Alcohol and sleep have found: impact on sleep quality, one of the biggest cases of alcohol abuse is that you get upset, no matter how much you sleep.

You have a healthier liver

Almost the worst alcohol abuse is liver damage. Liver is an internal organ that treats and distributes alcohol. CURE Urgent care founder and director, Jake Deutsch, told Women Health: "Even those who use alcohol rarely and in small amounts should seriously consider leaving it at all.Heat liver damage.Thus, a few glasses of wine a week can have the same cause damage if ingested to the ground Permanent damage to the liver and gastrointestinal tract may result in ulcer, pancreatitis or liver cirrhosis. "

Reduce the risk of cancer

One of the most important benefits of leaving alcohol is the reduced risk of cancer. When people think of the influence of alcohol on the body, liver damage is mainly remembered. However, according to Drinkaware, alcohol is associated with various types of cancer, including intestinal, breast, throat, liver, oral and thyroid cancers.

This is what the National Cancer Institute says: "The research data suggest that the more alcohol a person drinks, the greater the risk of cancer."

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