Lucas. Public shattered shrouds should raise deeper problems

The most controversial part of this need is spreading false arguments about the alleged risk of vaccination. This adverse belief in the worsening movement of the vaccine in the United States, Italy and other countries has led to a revival in Europe and in the United States of measles – a potentially deadly and completely avoidable disease.

So, it is easy to think that Russia was trying to harm public health.

The propagandists, however, worked equally on the other side of the barricade. The real purpose of these and many other operations is to promote fragmentation.

Russia played a similar game in the aftermath of the police attack, and supported both the #bluelivesmatter movement (Police Life) and #blacklivesmatter (Black Life & # 39; s Important).

Similar contradictions were also encouraged in other cases: the Russian propaganda channels claim that Western countries are racist hates, but at the same time they scribble that they run the risk of an impending influx of migrating barbarians.

This is because the Russian-influenced operations are usually accompanied by attempts to exploit the differences of opinion. They can be cultural, demographic, national, historical, linguistic, political, regional, religious, social or based on other differences of opinion, such as views on a medical vaccine scandal.

Facts are not essential. The goal is to destroy the social cohesion that determines its resilience. If you are afraid of others and do not trust them, you will not give in to help if they are attacked (they will not help you in their turn). The broken society is unable to defend itself.

This tactic uses natural and largely praiseworthy human instincts. Evolution has programmed us to search for new information.

Education raises questions about the lessons learned and leaves us open to new facts and arguments. The inability to judge the actions and motives of the rulers is healthy and often justified. It seems that this all corresponds with the main slogan "Think more" with the broadcast newspaper Kremlin-propaganda RT of foreign languages.

But in this case the dividing line is drawn between fair, just interpretation and the incitement to discord with falsehood. Not all questions are equally substantiated and do not all have to be asked. In some cases, merciless curiosity can be harmful and painful. After all, we usually do not talk about the child, of which he loves one of his parents the most?

Constantly questioning the motives of others and judging their statements when the probable lie affects our thoughts in peace and relationships with other people. In short, questions are important, but there are perhaps more important things, such as trust.

In a sense, attacks on confidence through information operations are not news. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union tried to stir up racism in the United States, for example by spreading the belief that the CIA had created AIDS as part of the Black-hatched genocide program.

However, because of the anonymity, directness and worldwide spread of the internet, these operations become much simpler and more effective. Propagandists can remove doubts without disturbing or surrendering.

Finding countermeasures is difficult. Prohibit conspiracy theories of the propagandists to act – and he will begin to proclaim to be martyrs.

Facts about denying their theories are usually fruitless: they respond to even more difficult questions. A counterweight in the long term can be efforts to improve the state of affairs of our society and to maintain transparency, accountability, trust and focus on national security priorities.

The fastest possible response is to be ready.

When you see a new scandal, even if it seems far from politics and foreign affairs, you should not be convinced that its roots lie only in your country. Ask yourself who is possibly interested in turning it on. In other words: think better.

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