Psychologist warns: here is how you can reduce the stress of a child against school

Returning to school after a summer vacation for young people does not necessarily have to be associated with happy moments and an encounter with classmates. The change in the rhythm of the day, the increased level of responsibility, the limited free time are factors that determine each of our emotional and psychological states, especially children. How can children manage the stress after the stress?

Psychologist Sharunė The one emphasizes that holidays are associated with pleasure and rest, and that is why the return to well-organized daily life begins to cause unpleasant sensations.

"Children realize that they can not do what they want, sleep as much as they want, drive where they want and do what they want, and of course there is stress." The stress level after a vacation depends on what kind of experiences and feelings the children by the school and the time spent there, "says the psychologist.

Stress continues differently

Sat. One says that stress can be very different emotions for children, so it is very important to observe your offspring and respond exactly to those changes in behavior and emotions that were not typical of the past.

"Different children struggle differently, often becoming brighter, more sensitive, more fearful, can weaken the concentration of attention, regardless of the surrounding, becoming indifferent to those things that were interesting before, to avoid scientific issues and an outbreak of aggression," the psychologist.

Changes can also be related to physical health. Pharmacist Elvyra Ramaškienė adds that when the stress increases, tics can start: pricking, swallowing, hair wrapping or frequent swallowing. The younger children can return to the baby's behavior – start by keeping your thumb in your mouth or peeing in bed. Such symptoms clearly indicate that the child experiences emotional tension, feels unwell, is afraid.

Prepare in advance at school

The psychological health specialist points out that it is crucial for parents to avoid stress-inducing replicas, such as: "Rejoice until you go to school." According to a psychologist, such sentences are the view that returning to school will be particularly difficult. The best help for a child is preparing for the early school.

"Immediately after a nice holiday or trip, it will be even harder to get into the school routine, but let the children return to the normal rhythm after a while.This is the best time.Let the child or the teenager collect the necessary learning material , writing books, sportswear, "- says psychologist Š. One.

According to the pharmacist, it is impossible to ignore the stress of children – extremely strong experiences can deplete the child's body, weaken immunity, sleep disorders. If the stress is extremely high and is suppressed by communication, calm is not possible with premeditation, the right preparations for children can be used.

"Extreme stress can cause headaches, rashes or even a rise in temperature Vitamins and tea can help regulate the child's irritability and sleep, there are various preparations for children – syrups, chewing gum, tablets," explains E. Ramaškienė and adds that it is important to consult a doctor or pharmacist when looking for a solution for children.

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