Teacher racing with the disease: I gathered the last power and slipped to the car life

I have been chipped? Can not be!

Vilnija Nijolė is ill from several years of childhood with multiple sclerosis. She remembers: about 34 years ago the doctor referred to the illness that the young teacher was waiting for.

"I was active – I was running, exercising, I was already a teacher and a journalist, so I had a hundred jobs and I had the strength to do them all, so I really did not think I was multiple sclerosis, "recalls Nijole. – Moreover, there was no exact diagnosis at that time, so it did not confirm the disease immediately.

I remember that even the treatment could not be said. During the beginning of my illness, I received large doses of hormones that were then put on my legs. With such a high incidence of disease, I can say that the treatment options today are very different. "

I had a hundred works and I had the strength to do them all, so I really did not think I could have multiple sclerosis.

Timely diagnosis of this disease and after A suitable treatment for multiple sclerosis can be shortened – thus reducing activity, slowing the progression of the patient's disability, according to a press release to the media.In the last decade there has been a huge breakthrough in discovering new treatments that would help manage this young age-old disease when a relapsing-remitting disease is diagnosed

An important step in the treatment of the disease occurred this year – the first and only in the world to register the disease in Europe A former teacher with a diagnosis of the disease only survived 5-6 years after the disease was confirmed by a magnetic resonance imaging study. Nijolė did not cry for a long time because of disability or handicap, even if she was weakened. Only then one day, in the real sense of the word, fell on the grass and, after having collected the last force, slid to the car, realized that the time for the diagnosis was over.

"I took the stick that until now, my friend and help" – Nijolė speaks.

The environment did not respond adequately

Multiple sclerosis is caused by a change in the immune system of the body – when the immune system attacks the nerve cells that envelop the myelin in the head, the spinal cord and the optic nerves, causing it to become damaged and physical disabilities and cognitive disorders caused

Several symptoms appear on the damage to myelin – fatigue, weakness, dizziness, double vision, movement limitations, bladder disorders and others.

  Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min photo / Inactive wheelchair

Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15min photos. / Wheelchair

Now Nijole is not afraid to talk I was aware of the disease, but it was difficult to tell people about the diagnosis at the beginning of the disease: "The reactions to the environment were very surprising. The impression is that they are diagnosed with the disease, not I. I remember how I could tell the diagnosis around all the actors I did not choose a disease, she chose me, so I have not done it for years and I do not deny it I just try to adapt and live on. "

The interlocutor notes that the attitude to the disease changes:" I am convinced that social actions, information in the media, sickness reports from the I do not feel helpless on the streets today – I often go to events or spread my scouts with my students, so people around you see that I need help – it helps people change when we now compare and, let's say, 20 years ago. "

The hardest psychologist was to stick a sticker for people with disabilities." I do not know why, but I have avoided this for a long time. It was like a public statement that I was sick. And the words of one of my students encouraged me to stick the sticker. He said to me – you do not change, you are the same, "Nijole remembers.

The first violin smashes the sister in the house

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis can occur at any time – they can not be foreseen. Such an unpredictable course of the disease thus changes the lives of people affected by the disease and affects all areas of life.

Most patients therefore need help from family members. "In Lithuania, a study in patients with multiple sclerosis suggests 43% of all patients who need assistance in the household every other patient feels ill, he said that help was needed when working in the garden or managing the environment.

Yesterday I went to the store, but it was a challenge, okay, I knew where products are.

According to Nijolė, today's life is the sister's concern: "It would not be saved in any way. Today, in our garden, I am just a jewel. This is already a disease. I used to be able to work harder, but today I can do more than what I have to do.

I can still bake cakes, because the baking is not on the pans. Standing and making food or household is a real challenge for me. I generally try to adjust. My weakest example is the right side. So I can do the right thing with my left hand. "

" A healthy person does not understand how many steps he takes one day. And we, who have multiple sclerosis, count every step. Yesterday, for example, I went to the store, but it was a challenge. It's good that I knew where products were, otherwise I would not have had the strength to buy everything I needed, because I just do not have the health to walk through the store, "says Nijole.

The challenge to shopping at a supermarket is confirmed by almost a third The participants in the survey indicated that the need for such a deterioration in welfare was necessary in the wake of health.

At the end of the conversation, a former teacher stressed that patients should understand that constant fatigue fools: "You have to save yourself. I now understand that I have to take care of myself. I want to lie down – I'm going to lie down. There is no such thing as uncomfortable. When I have the strength and the will, I will go anywhere. It is necessary to find pleasure, an activity that gives good emotions. "

About the survey

The unpredictability of multiple sclerosis symptoms and relapse of the disease has a major impact on the daily lives of patients and their family members, according to an" Approach to Multiple Sclerosis "survey in Lithuania. was to better understand and help the knowledge and attitude of people with multiple sclerosis, and to find out which obstacles they encounter in daily life.

This spring, 123 patients with this disease and 23 people who helped them were involved. The study was initiated by the Lithuanian Multiple Sclerosis Association together with the pharmaceutical company Roche Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, currently non-curative autoimmune disease in which approximately 2000 people are in Lithuania, although the number unofficial data increases to 3,000.Recurrent-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRIS) is the most common form of the disease , it is diagnosed in approximately 85% of people with multiple sclerosis and it is diagnosed in approximately 85% of people with multiple sclerosis. Primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPI) is diagnosed in approximately 15% of patients. The disease usually occurs in young people aged 20-40 years.

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