The American senator J. McCain has decided to stop the treatment of cancer

"The development of the disease and the persistent rising age represent their judgment, and with his usual will, he has now opted to stop medical treatment," says the family report.

McCain, who will be 82 years old this week, has worked in the senate for more than three decades.

A family report marks the beginning of the end of J. McCain's fight against a serious illness.

Last year, the politician was diagnosed with glioblastoma, the most aggressive form of brain cancer, in 2009 after he killed another Senate veteran, Ted Kennedy.

Republican J. McCain, one of the giants of American policy, graduated from the Marine Academy, was captured by the Vietnam War and spent a number of years in Hanoi and then approached the White House.

J. McCain worked for more than three decades in the Congressional High Court and played an important role in the debate on war and peace, as well as the moral trend of the state.

Former Navy Fighter Pilots spent a few in captivity in Vietnam when his plane was shot during a bomb attack on Hanoi.

In 2008, he defeated Barack Obama's presidential election and was cursed by his campaign partner to opt for a controversial Alaska politician, Sarah Palin.

"No one in this century is a better example of honor, patriotism, dedication, sacrifice and national accrual than anything else that Senator John McCain," said Republican Mitt Romney.

"Her heroism inspires, his life is our character, I am blessed and humbled by our friendship," Mr Romney added.

Short criticism

McCain was last elected in 2016 to be a rare but vicious presidential contender for a short time in the Republican camp.

The famous 45-year-old senator is accused of "naivety", "egoism" and sympathy for autocrats.

According to a recent meeting with President Putin, Russian President Vladimir Putin, McCain spoke sharply by saying that these actions by the American leader are "one of the most shameful acts by the American president in the course of history".

As a result he caught the anger of Mr. Thrump on: the president often accused McCain of not being able to cancel Obama's health care reform, and also refused to pronounce the senator's name when he signed the "John McCain National Defense Enforcement Act."

"Strength to continue"

McCain has not been in the senate in recent months and has healed his home in Arizona.

"I love my husband with all my heart." Blessed be God who took care of my husband during this journey, "said his wife, Cindy.

His daughter, Meghan, also thanked the audience for his support.

"My family is very grateful for all the love and generosity you showed us over the past year," she says in her Twitter message.

"Thank you all for the constant support and prayer, and without you we could not have gone that far – you gave us the strength to move on," Meghan added.

Mitch McConnell, Republican leader of the Senate, said he was "very sad to hear the message from our cute friend's family this morning."

"John, Cindy and the whole McCain family are in our prayers for this incredibly difficult hour," he added.
Democrats also spoke.

"Senator John McCain is a fighter in all senses," said congressman Joe Kennedy III, son of the American political dynasty.

"An inspiring person and a loving family – our thoughts are with you," he said.

No illness

John Boockvar, director of the Center for Brain Tumors in New York, NY, said that this type of cancer is unconsciously & # 39; is.

"What's right, his stage of illness is definitive," said Joe Boucher, an AFP news agency, who has not been involved in McCain's treatment, but has extensive experience in this area.

"They decided not to seek other options to deal with it, because, after reaching a certain point, the risks are greater than the benefits," he explained.

This type of tumor is usually treated with chemotherapy, but the chance of success is small.

According to Joe Boucher, chances are that cancer "spreads unhealthily, so he (J. McCain) is looking for comfort, which is a very down-to-earth choice in his fight against this disease."

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