There is no risk and the results are impressive: advised how to restore the youth

After aging, we worry about the changes in the color of the face, shape, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Although these changes are natural and we must accept them with love, talking about the health and beauty of the face is not forbidden at all ages.

If you decide that you really want to change your face, you first have to think critically and evaluate some of the key points that the manual correction technician makes of the surgical changes.


In most cases we first evaluate the price. It is no secret that the money problem in Lithuania is extremely sensitive. But it is surprising that women are often convinced that beauty is only possible for big money.

Handmade facial techniques (facial exercises and self-marking) cost almost nothing. For ordinary grafting you can use a simple cold-pressed olive oil (price 3-6 euros), and the exercise is done by the person with clean hands (at a price of 0 euros). The whole face (oval, neck, neckline) is applied and long-term results can be similar to facial spray surgery.

The operation (aesthetic surgery) costs a lot, especially if you want to work with good specialists in your field. An average saliva on the ankle, middle and lower part of the face in the market costs 4-6 thousand. euro.

Of course you have to choose, but do not forget that there are always alternatives!


The greatest value of manual facial techniques is the lack of risk. This means that if the face is healthy, the signs of aging are already visible, facial treatments or self-care do not pose a risk. Simply – facial massage or massage is given to people after stroke, facial nerve disorders.

Prof. dr. Alvydas Unikauskas, prof. Alvydas Unikauskas, noted in the LRT-TV program that these procedures are not a risk and that the results are impressive: "By constantly wrinkling your face, you can maintain a youthful appearance, hanging eyelids or irregular neckline With regular exercises, the facial muscles stay firm, nourish and refine your skin. "

Plastic surgery is risky because of the need for anesthesia, surgery in the facial tissue. This means that infections, scars or other complications are always possible. There is also the risk that you will not get the result that the patient and the doctor expect.

Manual techniques, however, can not change the face other than that it is made by nature, i.e. y. he remains the same, only younger. If you want to completely lose (and not lift) the fallen eyelid or change the shape of the face out of the oval to create a triangle, manual techniques will not help – you may need surgery.


Plastic surgery results are guaranteed, i.e. y. they do not leave when you stop caring for your face. The operation lasts one to several hours, the first cure takes two weeks to several months. In this case the responsibility for the results lies on the shoulders of the expert.

If you want essential changes in the face, you should wait much longer for facial treatments. Impressive facial exercises and self-massage results only become visible after 3-12 months. And the responsibility for the regularity of the facial exercise depends on the woman herself, who sometimes becomes a shortage, no advantage.

Prepared by Jurgita Jasiūnienė.

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