Tips to prevent back pain

The Center for Health Education and Disease Prevention reminds the media that October 16 is celebrated every year as the World Cup Day. This year's motto for his awareness campaign is "Love your back!". The focus of this publicity campaign is on the unique importance of a healthy and functional spine in the life of the human being, and the main goal of the campaign is to increase people's awareness of back pain and other health problems related to the spinal column.

It is intended that healthcare professionals, physiotherapists and other rehabilitation specialists, public health professionals and medical students and patients should actively mark this date on all continents of the world. The aim is to keep the wide range of spinal health aspects in mind when celebrating World Spinal Dates: promoting general and special physical activity, normal sitting and standing posture, lifting and carrying heavy objects, adapted, safe and ergonomic workplaces, etc. In this way people are encouraged to look at their spinal cord and to be physically active.

A brief overview of the very extensive scientific literature devoted to the theme of the spine. Worldwide, millions of people experience distortions of the spinal cord and suffer from back pain. Back pain is the most common of all musculoskeletal conditions and disorders. The pain in the back and neck is one of the greatest social, psychological, medical and economic problems in the world and affects all age groups – from children to the elderly. For example, low back pain is the fifth most common reason why people turn to doctors and one of the most common causes of disability. The pain of the neck and chest is much less frequent than the waist.

It is estimated that in 15-20% in one year. adults experience lumbar pain and 60-80%. experience at least one episode of lumbar pain throughout life. During the year, severe lumbar pains are repeatedly affected by 20 to 44 percent. The people of the European Union.

The negative social and economic impact of low back pain is therefore enormous, since it affects more than 70%. European population at least once a year, and 17-31%. the population often suffers. Frequently repeated or prolonged pain in the back and subsequent developmental disturbances can have a significant impact on overall human health, sometimes significantly reducing the ability to work or even routine daily activities. Therefore, the prevention of spinal disorders is very important, and this year's World Spine Day encourages people to take concrete action to protect and improve the health and functionality of their spine.

The causes of back pain and spinal cord are very numerous and varied. That is why scientists and doctors still discuss which of them is most important. Research has shown that static body posture in the long term, inadequate working conditions (humidity, cold, etc.), frequent infections, prolonged sitting and ergonomic failure, abnormal posture, smoking or obesity, prolonged stress and anxiety, heredity, sedentary lifestyle and / Extremely low physical activity is important (among many others) for back pain and other disorders of the spinal cord.

There are studies showing that children and adolescents have associated non-specific spinal, lumbar and lumbar pain with prolonged sitting (more than 3 hours a day) on the computer, with an unpleasant and inaccurate position on the computer screen, mouse and the keyboard, with a long TV look and so on. .

Healthcare professionals at the Center for Health Education and Disease Prevention emphasize the importance of regular exercise and normal body posture to prevent spinal cord and dysfunction, have highlighted the World Spinal Date. Here are some simple but practical tips that can help you protect against possible back pain and increase your daily physical activity.

Start each day with a special exercise designed for the spine

Have a habit to practice at least 20-30 minutes every day for exercises, flexibility and stretching exercises. It not only offers clarity, it also supports the flexibility of the spine and muscle strength and endurance. At the same time, blood circulation and metabolism are activated. If you are young and healthy, you can quietly practice your favorite sport or practice yourself.

If you have repeatedly had back problems and have already undergone some physiotherapy or rehabilitation procedures (in a health care institution) and you have learned what and how to do so, start with a more cautious, less active exercise program with fewer repetitions and a smaller one. amount of movement. And always listen to the signs given by your body to make your condition worse. If you are unsure of how and how you should exercise, always consult a doctor with a rehabilitation center, a sports doctor or a physiotherapist.

Sit comfortably and in the right way, change your body from time to time

If your workspace is on a computer, the table and chair should be adjusted so that you are comfortable and the posture is correct. So do not fall off and do not bend over, do not sit aside. The head, neck and back of the back must lie in one plane, the muscles do not burden. It is necessary to adjust the angle and height of the computer screen, the angle of the keyboard and the height of the floor. The computer screen should stand directly opposite, at eye level or below the eye line to form an angle of about 10 to 20 degrees, and the screen itself should be at a distance from the outstretched arm. In this way the spinal column is kept in a neutral position.

It is desirable that the angles and heights of the seat surfaces are adjustable, the keyboard is located at the level of the elbows and the arms are tilted freely downwards, and not upwards. An important comfortable backrest for the back of the back (back). The chair must have at least a slight curvature corresponding to the physiological lobes of the spine and corresponds to the height of a person. The height of the chair should ensure that when the foot is on the floor, the thighs are parallel to the seat and the knees are 90-110 degrees angled. The seat of the chair should be tilted forward by 5-10 degrees.

Take rest breaks for long periods of work

As mentioned earlier, long-term and / or uncomfortable body posture can be one of the causes of many back complaints. From time to time it is necessary to pay attention to your attitude in the workplace and to intentionally correct it. Check and correct your posture when you are on the phone while working on a computer. It is desirable to keep working and rest periods at home and at work. If you work as a sitting worker and sit at least 6-8 hours every day, take breaks to change your posture, get off the table, stand up and move a bit.

Take every opportunity to stand and not to sit. Besides, work is becoming increasingly popular in status. However, it is necessary to install a variable height desk. Even a short walk around the house or at the office can help relax the muscles that contract the drum or an uncomfortable posture and emotional tension. Climbing is a common way of physical activity that can be applied on a daily basis. Walking on the stairs may not be the best exercise with severe back pain, elderly people and people with knee or hip joint pain. When a break is not possible, try to change the position of the body more often in the workplace. Different hand, leg, head, trunk movements or exercises can be performed during breaks.

Adjust your body position while driving

Long driving can cause tension or even pain in the waist or neck muscles. Adjust your seat by pushing it forwards or backwards so that you do not bend over to the steering wheel and your arms are slightly bent by the elbow joint. When you take the steering wheel, you can comfortably rely on the entire rear of the car's backrest. Adjust your rear-view mirrors to your situation. The angle of inclination of the seat is also adjustable – choose the right angle so that you do not feel the tension in the waist area.

If your car seat is not properly disassembled, place a wrapped towel, a small cushion or a special roller on the hip support so that you can lean comfortably. Stop for an hour or two on long journeys, take a break, get out of the car and take a short walk, take it back to intensify the blood circulation in the legs and relax the tension of the back and arm muscles.

Become an active TV viewer

The free time spent on the TV can be used for your health. Take some simple physical exercises as you look at them: gently rub your hands or a few soft balls, grab elastic chewing gum, jump through the jump, take a series of squats, pull-ups or push-ups (3-4 times after 10) effective strength training), stand on an equilibrium simulator, walk on top of a high path, ride on a stationary bicycle pedal or work with another simple home exercise, etc.

In practice, there are different practice sets for self – training studies for each sports inventory and try them out. Physical activity can be used for long and tedious commercial advertisements, which last about 15-20 minutes!

Always wear comfortable shoes

Everyone knows what kind of comfortable footwear is. It is a shoe with a heel with a short neck (about 2-4 cm), a soft and cushioning sole, not stubborn, so that the foot does not deform. Let us not forget that the footwear structure is partially absorbed and damaged by minor impacts and shocks, thus protecting the structures of the spine. It also slightly protects the leg joints. Of course, no matter how good, comfortable or promoted footwear is, only it will certainly not save any possible back pain. Young women want boots with high heels to be particularly attractive. Experts say that the center of gravity of the body is much to the fore and significantly increases the risk of pain in the waist and distorts the foot structure.

Match your friends with physical activity

The next time a friend invites you to lunch or to sit at a bar or café, you propose to replace this pleasant but passionate activity with your health. After all, it is possible to communicate and walk on foot in the park, cycling or roller skating, boating or kayaking, playing sports, fishing, dancing, mushroom picking, etc. Try it!

Take active free time with your family

When children see that physical activity is especially important for mom and dad, it is important to them. This is confirmed by numerous scientific articles. Family habits and values ​​remain lifelong. If children do not attend every form of training on a regular basis, it is necessary to give them other physically active activities. It does not matter whether the family jumps, dances, plays family football, basketball, volleyball, or bike, or rides, or travels together to a swimming pool or gym. Let the children move as much as possible and do not limit them. When adolescence is (and later), physical activity automatically decreases due to different social and psychological reasons.

Since the backbone of children and adolescents is not fully developed, children are not allowed to play computer games for several hours every day. Every 30-60 minutes a physically active interruption is required. You can even use computer programs that have been designed for this purpose, which control the time the child spends on the computer and switch off the game after a certain period of time.

You can use step by step as an external motivation tool.

Some scientific articles recommend that adults take at least 10,000 steps per day. You can buy a step to reach this rate. Many smartphones nowadays have a pedometer function and count the number of calories consumed per day. Not to mention smart bracelets. Studies show that people who have a stroke naturally start to move more because the device works as an external motivation.

According to foreign literature, the head of the department for nutrition and physical activity of the Center for Health Education and Disease Prevention Remigijus Zumeras

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