We always learned to wash our hands when we left the toilet – but do you really need them?

We remind you that when you leave the toilet you have to wash your hands. And we do it. Maybe not everything, but even those who spend this part of the toilet ritual know that they are doing wrong. But do you really need this? Does it depend on what we have done on the toilet? Or maybe what kind of toilet do you use?

One study after another reveals that even Westerners do not always wash their hands after a toilet – as little as half of adults listen to this hygiene standard. Some people generally say that this is not necessary if there is no waste on their hands. Still others cling stubbornly to the past, when the hands were so often never really illuminated. But what is actually?

There are many bacteria in the toilets, regardless of whether it is your home or shopping center. These germs are thirsty in the air, looking for something to cling to. Sometimes it's your clothes, sometimes your hands. The difference is that you touch everything with your hands and use it during dinner. There is no doubt that cheap toilet paper has helped to reach your inner self, and after such a philosophical experience the hands that are dirty are probably washed by everyone. But even if your hands do not stick to the toilet surface or body waste, it is necessary to wash them.

Human excrement is very dirty, they like to dig microbes, which can be dangerous for people. Many of them have our immune system to defend themselves, but you must not only be responsible for yourself – you do not have to spread your germs for other human health. Meanwhile, urine is much cleaner. Scientists say that many men do not feel like using urinals because they feel that they are not touching anything so badly. But remember that every visit to the toilet in your hands, the most important tool you use to eat, makes it very dirty.

So you have to wash your hands with every toilet, wherever you are. This reduces the risk of infections and does not spread your germs in public. But what if the toilet does not have soap or hot water?

One study showed that the water temperature has no significant effect on washing hands – choose the one that is most comfortable for you. If you have soap, use it. If not, then water is better than nothing. After that it is necessary to dry your hands – it is much easier to get wet skin bacteria and to relieve them with your wet hands. When leaving, do not try to touch the door with clean hands – after all, almost half of the people do not wash their hands.

And what about those historical times when nobody rubbed their hands? Everything is very simple – they took them off when they could. In ancient times people did not live that close. Oh, and I had problems when an infection started.

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