2019 Health horoscope for all zodiac signs

"We, young people, the new generation, live in an interesting period – the millennium. It is no secret that mankind has really reached its peak in the twentieth century. Technological achievements, scientific discoveries have opened my door to the world where possible and possible." that everything we could use for good purposes served as greed, willingness to stand out, to lead, to lead.

The money that my generation – the instrument of freedom – calls us out loud, and we do not understand that the same money we are engaged in is also slavery.

We complain about the high prices of luxury goods and do not realize that everything is cheap, what can be arranged and bought for money. Material treasures bring us strength, we all know it, and often we do not dare to recognize it. Now it is so popular to be a hipster.

Although wealth, no intelligence or spiritual beauty, is the fundamental criterion for human judgment. My generation believes that you can buy everything for money.

We want to be fashionable, modern and shine in society, at least among our friends. Individuality, so he gradually, in small steps, takes the path to the Olympic trend, but is merged. It is much easier to get in the crowd and to become like everyone, it is easier to agree than to work against and defend what is expensive for you.

The strengths of the mind, a man of my time, atrophy with some brain cells. And where are they going?

Newspapers offer en masse scandalous stories that say nothing, magazines learn diets, sex and fashion, books are in the store (and there is no time to read them when life is so high), close people often find no time to listen and advise.

It's crazy for us to live, we just complain, complain and complain again, and then we reassure ourselves that people in the world are even more worried, and we still have the power of that spirit.

We think a lot. But only about yourself. This is not practical, perhaps selfish, but so simple. Who can go deeper if we can go downstream of the stool? But we do not understand what we grew up with.

Many mannequins love to play other lives and love. The further, the more we do not believe in feelings, their purity and loyalty, and keep the demonstration of feelings weak. In love? That is why something is needed. We let love become a cheap commodity as a great gift of fate. Dataportals and dating gadgets are full of users and not all are looking for short-term adventures. We all need the same thing, but we do not want to acknowledge it. We wander in the dark, searching for the sunlight that warms our frozen hearts and envelops our softness. We are looking for what we do not have, but what we want. Unfortunately, every confrontation with the stinking reality of stool, the undisturbed Instagram filters and the inevitable frustration of our young souls, is absorbed in cynicism.

Sometimes the hope dies. We do not understand that if a young person has no hope, he is not a young man but a pensioner.

I admit – I am suicidal. But the immature person is characterized by his determination to attain the noble goal of dying, while the adult is determined to devote his life to that goal.

Or even better – I tend to art. After all, this is what we now have in fashion.

I am a bohemian – the world of new emotional senses is opened today by drugs, alcohol, high speed at the wheel, sexual freedom, cigarettes. If there is not really something, satisfied with a cheap semi-finished product. Dizziness and amusement help to forget problems and escape from everyday life. Who knows, perhaps better to close and live in the world of dreams, illusions. We make music and we choose this way. The easiest guide to nowhere.

We live as we want. Sex, drugs, sometimes studies, but mostly parties, TV and internet. All colors of the rainbow!

& # 39; What is your life blank ?, says the grandmother of grandmother, the eighteen-year-old.

"But we are so much fun," I say. – "Moreover, it is our life", I add.

We are idiots, we forget that the day will come when young people will bring us a bank card reader with a long list of Christmas gifts that we have written in our childhood. And that account must pay.

There is nothing new in the youth front, a cold mind that has turned into an ice block and no longer have feelings under control. The best friends from the big letter, we even replace a small set of bumps. A slurry-residing soul and heart, like a small piranha denture that consumes the conscience of different types of dizziness. They help to live without love and heat.

We are all so insensitive.

We imagine that we are special, exceptional, longing for honor and glory, and believe that we have a life in which we will not get tired or fit with the wishes of other people.

We are the consumers who hasten to grow up and we have lost ourselves.

But we are optimistic, right?

In 2019 I wanted me not to take over šūdinąja generation. Save your value and values, love and do not be afraid to share it. I want to be my parents, only in newer times, with more opportunities, perspectives and determination ", said G. Matelytė sincerely and openly.

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