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5 tips to take great travel photos with just one phone

Yanfei, head of the Huawei Baltic Consumer Business Group, advises on what you should pay attention to to create stunning images and get a lot of positive responses to social networks.

Don't get up too early or go to bed late

As Yanfei says, the best quality photo size is correct lighting. When the sun reaches zenith and comes out of power, it can be difficult to get quality shots. Especially – if you take photos against the sun, which means that the image is simply "burned" and the desired details are overshadowed.

Photo made by 123rf.com/Photography

Photo made by 123rf.com/Photography

Therefore, according to the expert, the best time for photography is early in the morning or when the sun sets, so that there is enough light, but it does not dominate the background. "Natural light is the best choice for quality photos, but it can't be too much. It's early in the morning or & # 39; s when soft and warm light can capture compelling images because they are filled with pastel colors "Especially because at the moment there are usually few tourists who will not crawl into the frame unnecessarily and will not spoil it," Yanfei advises.

According to him, perhaps the most attractive time to immortalize the panorama of the city will be & # 39; blue hour & # 39; called. This hour starts just after sunset (or before sunrise) until the sky is clear, but the city light is still on. Such a background, according to Yanfei, can make it possible to make truly stunning images and at the same time feel a completely different aura of the city when everything is still awakening.

According to the expert, the best time for photography is & # 39; early in the morning or when the sun goes down.

Know when to use the flash

Of course it can sometimes happen when you want to capture a certain moment in low light. However, if there is no other lighting option, the flash on your phone should not be used as a solution.

Image from 123rf.com/Photo

Image from 123rf.com/Photo

"You just have to try to use the lighting in the environment. Newer phones, such as the Huawei P Smart 2019, have large sensors and a good color balance, so they can catch light in poorly lit environments and produce high-quality object display. In this case, only use the flash if there is no other choice, "says Yanfei.

According to a company representative, even a flash in Auto mode can damage the frame, leaving you with only one chance to capture. "The question of when it will turn if you don't want it. That's why I would suggest turning the flash off and turning it on in manual mode, as this can cost high image quality," he says.

Take more photos & # 39; s

According to Yanfei, a common mistake is the unwillingness of people to make more specific video frames. Some do it quickly, others just miss the memory in the phone, and for the third it looks like their picture is of good quality, although it later turns out to be blurry or crooked.

"The holidays are such that we don't rush and enjoy the time, so if the recording deserves attention, it may take a little longer to take a good photo." Take a few of the same pictures & choose the ones you like best, "says Yanfei.

123rf photo / photo

123rf photo / photo

Choose the right composition

When taking a specific photo, make sure that everything is in the frame. That is why it is important to keep the smartphone when you press a button. "By capturing the beach, the panorama of the city, the jungle or any other broader view on the phone, it must of course be kept horizontal. If the object itself, such as a palm or tower, is vertically high and you are on it concentrate, hold the phone upright and make sure it fits into the frame. Do not lean and forward, backward or sideways if necessary, "Yanfei advises.

According to the expert, the classic third-order rule, which allows the creation of harmonious compositions, must be followed when creating the frame. The essence of this rule is to divide the image you want to take into three-thirds (total of nine squares), both horizontally and vertically. "According to a third rule, their intersections are considered to be the best places to capture the most important elements of your composition. So you have to focus on that and try to get a more interesting picture," the expert emphasizes.

Choose settings

While Yanfei continues, shooting in different conditions and places makes it difficult to find the center that guarantees the highest quality photos. In this case, Auto mode may not save you on almost all phones, and Pro for professionals may be too difficult for the less experienced.

"Choosing the right settings requires not only knowledge but also skill. So, unfortunately, not everyone can do that. In this case, the solution could be an artificial intelligence installed in the phone, which itself ensures the optimum parameters under all circumstances, "says a representative from Huawei.

And for the rest, the last simple tip for Yanfei is: "If you first want to have quality photos, make sure that the camera lenses of your phone are always cleaned".

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