A. Tubelis became one of the smiths of victory

The National College Athletes Association (NCAA) won the Wildcats at the University of Arizona (2/0) after breaking the Eagles (0/2) team at home in Eastern Washington – 70:67 (38:43, 32:24).

He became one of the foremost smiths of the victory Oak tube. The Wildcats freshman scored 13 points in 23 minutes (5/11 two-pointers, 0/1 three-pointers, 3/6 free throws), rebounded 9 and took 2 balls, committed 2 errors and committed one foul.

After the game, the Wildcats quarterback praised Lithuanian progress and highlighted the aspect he did not distinguish in Lithuania – a very stable mid-range goal.

“Oak really took a big step forward and was more of a basketball player today to become. He became one of the reasons for the victory and was certainly among the best of our players, ”said the specialist.

His brother Tautvilas Tubelis did not appear on the field and Kerr Kriisa did not play because he had just returned from the “window” of the European Championship.

James Akinjo (6/16 pitches), who scored only 15 runs, added Lithuania with 9 runs, Jemarlas Bakeris added.

Tyler Robertson scored 14 points for the guests, Tanner Groves and Casson Rouse for 13, Jacob Groves for 10.

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