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After a serious trauma, Mia sat down in a wheelchair and learned to walk again: shock, tears

"Now I feel much better, already walking. After a month and a half I started walking in the wheelchair. I remember that the first days were very complicated, there were tears and everything was. Everything went through the greatest pain and discomfort "Of course this is much better than staying in a wheelchair. I am grateful to God that my situation is much better than I could have been," she says.

During the show in March, Mia suddenly fell off the scene. That's right, it indicates how the serious trauma of the singer did not want.

"I don't really want to respond to these situations. I just had to jump off the stage with my high heels. Everything happened very unexpectedly. Thank you, God, for walking today and again, no back pain or anything else. I think I am born after a lucky star, but I was very successful with everything ", the conversation partner says.

Vilija Pilibaitytė-Mia

Vilija Pilibaitytė-Mia

© Photo from a personal album

"When everything happened, I didn't even break. I had very high heels and I could still go with them. Apparently I was in shock, but I soon realized that I could no longer walk. It happened as it was Immediately afterwards I hurried to the hospital and found the fractures of both feet. I wore plaster for three weeks and then went to the boxer, "the singer explained.

Despite improving health, the performer will have to limit her performance for some time.

"I can't dance or walk in high heels yet, but actually everything is going well," she says.

Mia is also happy that she can walk on her feet again on the social network.

"It's a miracle if you start walking if you can grab a cup of coffee with your hands if you can wear shoes … Everything seems as complicated as you are, temporarily, disabled … And all simplicity becomes a miracle if you again what appeared to be impossible … Happiness in such small things. I learned to appreciate it and you? "The singer asked her followers.

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