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GJan introduces new Lithuanian song: coded message | names

The singer says that when she started writing a new song, she imagined that someone else would do it. "And with this song the story is repeated: I wrote that it would be for others, and in the end I decided to sing myself," says GJan.

Photograph by R. Janson / GJan

Photograph by R. Janson / GJan

She tells us that one of the most pleasant things for her when a new song comes out is watching how people understand and interpret it. "Then the creative process continues, but it's no longer mine," she says.

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VIDEO: GJan – Kings | Text video

The song "Kings" can be understood in many different ways, but the explanation the singer gives is really unexpected.

"It is about my relationship with Lithuania, with my identity, with the people of our nation. I often do not appreciate what I have here in Lithuania. Maybe because I am still young? I feel that maturity is inevitable because of And in that I see the vision that we are a very good nation: principled and modest, we have our own specific energy that no one will ever change and we are born here, we are always part of it. to be loved alone, meaning that you love yourself, are your neighbor, are the rain, the sky, and the kings, "GJan reveals the message he encrypted in the song.

"Kings" is the fourth Lithuanian song of its kind. Until now, "After You", "Tablet" and "Melagė" have been highly appreciated by fans. Most reviews (around 6 million) have the first Lithuanian piece GJan "After You", but the song "Melagė", which released five million hits just a few months ago, is fast and caught up.

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