Have the Simpsons Predicted the Future Again? Fans noticed an incredible coincidence in the US presidential election

A much earlier film series, The Simpsons, features an election map depicting the voting distribution, surprisingly reminiscent of Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s struggle for White House ownership this year. It remains to be seen exactly how the creators of the animated series predicted future political events, writes The Sun.

The Simpsons Prediction

In the Simpsons series discussed here, Mr. Degele backs Matt Romney, a 2012 competitor to Barack Obama.

Burns has access to a map of the United States with states colored red and blue. Simpsons fans have noticed that the map is almost identical to a copy of the map from the recent election.

"Simpsonų" krėjai vėl nuspėjo ateitį

The developers of The Simpsons again predicted the future

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The comments that the creators of Simpsons were once again able to predict future events with great precision. Many were surprised that in animated reality, the current reality did not just correspond to Arizona.

"Simpsonų" krėjai vėl nuspėjo ateitį

The developers of The Simpsons again predicted the future

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Other Prophecies

In the 2000s, the animated show predicted the rise of D. Trump at the Olympics. Lisa’s allusion to the budget crisis inherited from President Trump now seems very simple.

In one scene of the movie, D. Trump himself can be seen going down the stairs – almost in the same way as in the photo taken in 2015.

"Simpsonų" krėjai vėl nuspėjo ateitį

The developers of The Simpsons again predicted the future

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Asked how he could explain such coincidences, screenwriter and producer Al Jean replied that in 2000 the goal was simple to find a comedic celebrity who would suddenly become the country’s presidency.

The creators of the animated series also managed to predict the terrible illness of Tom Hanks, which arose from a positive test result. Earlier this year, Hanks and his wife were indeed infected with the coronavirus and were hospitalized.

Fans of the movie will see links to this fact in Hanks’ character’s request to go as far away as he should ever have to meet in person.

What has been said about D. Trump

In one episode of the film, Homer Simpson enters the polling booth, determined to cast his vote in this year’s presidential election. To decide what to vote on, he puts on glasses and looks at the candidate list.

There is no way to decide. Finally, Homer considers aloud that he might be able to write Judge Judy’s last name.

At that point, a daughter, Lisa, enters the cabin.

“Not sure what to vote for? Dad, how could you forget everything that’s happened in the last four years?” She asks.

Homer immediately recalls a headline in a local newspaper: “Faye Dunaway has won an Oscar for another movie. She has not been seen since then. ‘

Homer’s memory is soon inundated with a slew of headlines providing information about Trump’s various actions: “The Third World country called … holes,” “He said the Jews who voted for Democrats were disloyal,” “Lye. about the inauguration “,” Refused to declare taxes “, etc.

The episode ends with a statement that the worst hasn’t been said yet.
One can guess about another 11 different prophecies from previous series that may still be coming true.

Citizens indifferent to the Simpsons may have rightly drawn attention to the sitcom’s insights, as if to remind us that something could still happen.

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