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Have you bought a new phone? Don't forget to take care of the old ones

Have you bought a new phone? 4 things you should do with the old one Photo by Pixabay

Have you bought a new phone? 4 things you should do with the old one Photo by Pixabay

When you buy a new smartphone, you want to start using it immediately. However, technology experts advise you to provide the old and personal information, especially if the device is to be sold or donated.

Arnold Lukosius, expert at Tele2 Innovation Office, shares 4 tips on how to say a good and safe way to the old telephone.

1. The most important – contacts

The contact list is one of the most important pieces of information on your phone, so start with must be removed when they move. The good news is that both iOS and Android operating systems keep them permanently on web servers, so moving songs to the new device is just a few clicks away.

The contacts of IPhone phone owners are stored in the iCloud cloud, from which data can be copied into the account after they have entered their Apple ID password. In the meantime, it's even easier with Android: just log in to your Google account on the new device and all the numbers on the server will appear in your address book.

It is true that you have to check if the contacts of your old phone in the cloud are regularly updated – t. y. Backup is enabled in the Settings section. backups) and Sync contacts Synchronize contacts) functions.

2. moments of conservation

When you successfully transfer your phone numbers to your loved ones, friends and colleagues, you must save your other private information: photos, videos, and music. Backups of this data can always be stored in web-based repositories, from which you can easily download the required files to any device. Apple owners can upload content to the same iCloud cloud and Android to Google Drive and Google Photos platforms.

Photos and other data can of course also be copied directly to the new phone or computer – those with Android can do it via USB. All you have to do is connect both devices and the screen displays "File transfer". data transfer) to confirm it. In the meantime, iPhone owners don't even need a cable, just turn on the iTunes platform on the computer, select a phone icon in the top menu bar and click the Back up now button in the resulting table. Make a backup now).

3. Clean the telephone memory

After the contacts and data have been saved, the phone is ready to travel to the hands of the new owner. First of all, you must disconnect from all accounts in the Settings section: email, message platforms, and social networks, and then delete all information on your phone.

The easiest way to do this is to select the "Reset" function in the settings. to recover) and then delete All content and settings Delete all content and settings). This will delete your phonebook, apps, games, photos & videos, browser history, and online login passwords. After this process, only the software installed by the phone manufacturer remains in the smartphone and the old device is ready for sale or gift.

For even more security, all data can be encrypted before the factory settings are restored – the security section must be selected in the settings and Encrypted encrypted. coding). You can then be sure that the information remains permanently encrypted.

4. Do not leave the old telephone in the drawer

If you don't have someone to give or donate to your old phone, don't hide it in your drawer. Operator Tele2 buys or recycles discarded smartphones throughout the country.

Simply take the old device to an operator's cabin and the staff will determine the value of the phone. For this amount you can buy accessories for smart or to cover part of the new phone. If it appears that the old unit is in very bad condition and cannot be sold, the operator will take care of the recycling.

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