I tried an electric bus

One of the world’s most famous truck and bus manufacturers, Scania, supplied Klaipėda with the Citywide electric low-floor bus, which was only launched last year. Representatives of the global concern presented their product and tested it for Klaipeda’s bus fleet.

“This is the fourth manufacturer’s electric bus, which we tested on the streets of Klaipėda. In addition to local production of the Dancer, we also tested the Chinese Yutong and the Polish Solaris in the summer, and now the Swedish Scania. Without going into their comparisons and technical details, I am very pleased that the offer of green public transport is increasing as no manufacturer could offer a bus that actually runs a few years ago. If there are more manufacturers, we, the carriers, have more room for negotiations, assumptions about the price reduction. And that is relevant to our business, as we plan to purchase another 10 electric buses, ”said Vaidas Ramanauskas, Klaipėda Bus Fleet Managing Director, in the press release.

According to Scania, who introduced the bus, Citywide is a new generation vehicle designed for urban transport and equipped with the latest technology for safety systems, which keeps emissions and noise to a minimum.

Buses of this model are manufactured with both diesel and gas engines, and the most powerful 8-battery electric power plant supplied to the residents of Klaipeda can carry up to 100 passengers (35 of them) at a time and travel up to 150 kilometers on one charge.

A distinctive feature of the Swedish bus is that it is adapted to cold climates. Passengers in the cabin are heated by a heat pump, and when the air cools below min 5 °C, the additional heat is switched on.

Taking into account the technical specifications and service guarantees, the price of the Citywide exchange starts from 420,000 euros according to the manufacturers.

“It seems impossible to distinguish this electric bus from its popular diesel analogue we’ve seen before. Exterior design, size, interior – everything is identical. Only when the bus drives out of place can you feel and see the differences: no vibrations, no smoke, no unpleasant exhaust fumes. This is undoubtedly a bus that meets the highest ecological standards ”, V. Ramanauskas shared his impressions.


Klaipeda Bus Fleet is a pioneer of ecological public transport in Lithuania. In 2013, the company was the first in the country to start transporting passengers on gas buses. Currently, the largest passenger transport company in Western Lithuania uses 79 city buses 49 are gas and two are electric.

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