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Impact of geomagnetic storms: can cardiovascular disease get worse this week? | life

Acting satellites, people – not really

According to Justinas Kilpis, a PhD student at the Institute of Geomedicine at the University of Vilnius, geomagnetic storms occur when the Earth is reached by the stronger solar wind that occurs in the case of sun explosions, also known as solar flares. Within a few days, these particles reach the earth and distort the earth's magnetic field. He confirmed that a more serious recent geomagnetic storm had occurred on Tuesday, May 14, but the predictions for the recent and coming days do not. It is important to note that it is difficult to predict the geomagnetic storms, according to the climatologist it is only possible a few days ahead.

Solar activity will be minimal in 2019. We should not expect much geomagnetic storms this year.

Explosions in the sun, according to J. Kilpis, are related to solar activity, which has a cycle of approximately eleven years. This means that eleven years of solar activity decreases, then rises and then decreases. Geomagnetic storms can be expected more as solar activity increases.

"The data show that this week was higher, but solar activity will be minimal in 2019, with a possible increase next year. To decide this, we should not expect many geomagnetic storms this year," the interviewer said, adding that a could be another peak of geomagnetic storms around 2025.

According to him, the greatest impact of earth's magnetic storms is more pronounced and the Northern Lights are still visible. When there are stronger geomagnetic storms, the northern lights can be seen in Lithuania. According to the data, the Northern Lights could be seen in Lithuania and on Tuesday in Lithuania.

Photo by Alvydas Januševičius / Northern Lights in Joniškis District 2015

Photo by Alvydas Januševičius / Northern Lights in Joniškis District 2015

"The other strong impact of geomagnetic storms is on satellites: GPS, television, radio, which fly into space. As far as the earth is concerned, its atmosphere protects the wind from the sun, so it has no significant influence. There are very strong "There have been geomagnetic storms in history that have disrupted power transmission, radio and television lines, but such cases are rare," said Mr. Kilpys.

When asked whether geomagnetic storms affect the human body, the climatologist answered that this was not the case. "They end up in the upper atmosphere, we do not live there and those particles in the troposphere do not reach. So that effect is somewhere at 50 km. Unless in exceptional cases, storms are very strong, people can also be hit. Such a recent one storm was on the street in 1989. And in principle they don't work.

It seems to me that this is a placebo effect when you want to blame someone for your illness – choose a bad weather or a geomagnetic storm. Of course we have to admit that there are people who are more sensitive. They respond more quickly to weather changes and magnetic fields, but there are many of these magnetic fields in cities – for example, mobile communication antennas that create a magnetic field. The protection zone is 3 to 5 meters, when it crosses, the body has an effect, but the more sensitive people feel it from 10 meters. I think the greater impact of the technologies we have is about the solar winds that cause the northern lights, "said the climatologist.

Whether a causal connection or coincidence is unknown

Greta Žiubrytė, a sixth-year medical student at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, has analyzed the fluctuations in the magnetic field and the possible interrelationships, that it is not possible to correctly answer that geomagnetic storms affect the human body.

We have found that acute ischemic syndromes are more intense in the case of a more intense magnetic field, but whether it is a causal relationship or just a coincidence, we do not yet have such evidence.

"My work was retrospective, we repaired all patients who had been admitted to the Kaunas hospital for some illnesses, in this case acute ischemic syndromes, with the exception of a heart attack with ST elevation. We looked back on it retroactively. magnetic field on those days when there were more patients, and we discovered that acute ischemic syndromes are certainly more intense in the case of a more intense magnetic field, high (gamma) frequencies – about 32 to 65 Hz, but whether this is a causal relationship or just a coincidence, so far we have no such proof, "interlocutor.

According to her, these changes occur in people with health problems and in healthy people – have no effect. "The world's scientists are also studying these things, but there is no one-to-one answer. Of course, the question arises whether there is not enough research or other reasons. There are of course publications that show that geomagnetic storms are human body, but the causal relationship has not been proven, it is only said that it is related, "said G. Žiubrytė.

She wanted people with health problems to take better care of themselves, especially in the time of geomagnetic storms: to drink medication, to adjust blood pressure, to avoid physical exertion and emotional tension.

The number of patients increases in those days

Head of the 1st Department of Cardiology, Vilnius City Clinical Hospital med. Dr. Michael Biliukas, who is researching the impact of climate on human health, said that earth's magnetic storms affect not only humans, but also animal organisms.

"Of course not everyone is the same. It depends on the state of health – is a person who is healthy – and I have not seen that disease in my life – said Dr. M.Biliukas Med. – In my dissertation I would put the patients in three classes divide after the heart attack: strong, moderate and weak, and then we looked at how they drink medicines every day – nitroglycerin, which should be taken if the heart hurts.

123rf.com photo / heart symbol

123rf.com photo / heart symbol

We monitored this process for years, then we looked at the days when tablets were used more. It turned out that the weak patients in the course of the Earth's magnetic storm were much more mediocre than the average, and even a larger difference was found in the physically stronger patients – they also experienced fluctuations due to the geomagnetic storms, but not so much. "

Another group of people, according to the doctor, who are also affected by geomagnetic storms, are those who are more sensitive to the psyche, or suffer from diseases whose state of the nervous system is very important.

Three days before the geomagnetic storm, nitroglycerin is used 1.7 times, twice 2.5 times and the storm day 5 times more than normal.

"We notice that people who have heart problems three days before using a geomagnetic storm use nitroglycerin 1.7 times, 2.5 times more than twice a day and 5 times more than a storm day. The number then decreases again as the body adapts, although the storm can go on or even increase.You see, we are adapted to even a very strong magnetic field.The behavior of people can determine what happens in nature.

We have looked at, looked at and determined that these changes are related to earth's magnetic storms and not to the daily fluctuations of the magnetic field. The "thunder" of people is not a single storm, but the repetition of those storms in a short time. In these cases, the chapters supplement immediately ", the doctor said, confirming that the situation was the same three days ago: a geomagnetic storm occurred on Tuesday and not only the Cardiology Department was filled with heart disease, but also with a number of others.

Reduced heart rhythm – Drink immediately

Asked for advice on what people with health problems should know, Med. Dr. Biliukas reminded that attention should be paid to those who are engaged in hypothermia healing because earth magnetic storms also affect the behavior of the horses, so he believes it is important to predict that the horse will be calm or not.

And for patients when it appears that an earth's magnetic storm is possible, they are advised not to miss a drink a few days before they break the heart, use more fluid, stay calm.

"The geomagnetic storms and their approaching body stress attack – stressful substances flow from the nervous system to the blood: adrenaline, noradrenaline and hydrocortisone. They are under pressure and increased pressure causes their own complications. Some have a stroke, they take even so, others have a heart attack, blood thicker.

Nowadays you have to be careful with cardiac arrhythmias and if you do, take blood-thinning medicines immediately.

Because the space that we occupy with our nerve receptors on the surface of the body, it changes into extra nerve impulses in the body, creating heart rhythm. Blood is flattened and blood clots are formed. These can travel anywhere: to the foot, the heart, the intestines, the head, the brain. Therefore, you should be careful with cardiac arrhythmias on these days and if you do, take blood-thinning medicines immediately. Here's a prophylaxis, "the doctor said, adding," The man is responding to the magnetic field because there is a lot of iron in our body. You know from physics that the metal reacts in the magnetic field, it rotates.

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