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In the incredible duel of Dončičius and Jokicius, the Serbian threw a shot with a siren triumphed

The meeting was an opportunity to see the star of the brightest basketball stars in the Balkans. Nikola Jokičius, who made his debut with All Stars this year, and Slovenian talent Luka Dončičius remained behind the triple double, but the impression of their game was even more impressive.

In March, Mavericks, who lost seven of the seven games played, took the initiative for the long break and set off for the crucial moments of the encounter. Before the fourth quarter, Rick Carlisle's students had a 10-point lead, but were unable to keep it.

Those who tragically attacked the game in less than half a minute left 97:98. The initiative took Dončičius, deceiving him with Mason Plumlee, a three-point caretaker, and ended his attack with the nicest addition to his NBA career.

Arbitrators also included an error in this episode, but Luka couldn't hit him with a good pitch. In the last two games, Slovenia only beat 4 of the 13 fines. Moreover, Dončičius bumped his wrist as he lay down and looked at the painful face of the painful attack of Nuggets.

After five seconds to win the win, the Denver team entrusted the ball to Jokycis with a passive look. The selfless runner-up was successful in moving transfers to teammates, but did not miss any of the games in the first three quarters.

However, the Serbian hand did not shake at the crucial moment. After taking the ball back, Nikola started pushing the Mavericks basket and made a difficult pitch to stop Dwight Powello's attempt to stop him. When the ball bounced, the team's friends danced to defeat the victorious Serbian.

The most successful season of the season was Denver & # 39; s team striker Paul Millsapas. The veteran of the competition terrorized the less experienced Dallas front line throughout the meeting and the same scored a third of the points earned by the Nuggets.

The win allowed the Colorado State Club to reduce the backlog of Warriors in the first Western Conference and break even further away from the nearby Rockets. The Dallas club fell in the penultimate place of the Western Tournament Table and passed the Grizzlies of Memphis, represented by John Valančiūnas.

nuggets: Paul Millsap 33 (14/19 years, 8 recruits), Jamal Murray and Malik Beasley at 12, Will Barton 11, Gary Harris and Nikola Y Jokic (14 recruits, 8 credits) on 9 points.

Mavericks: Luka Dončičius 24 (11 recruits, 9 res.), Jalen Brunson 20, Tim Hardaway 17, Dwight Powell 16 (10 recruits), Maxi Kleber 11 (11 recruits), Dirk Nowitzki 9 points (3/4 stops).

Results for other competitions:

Orlando & # 39; s Magic (32-38) – Cleveland & # 39; s Cavaliers (17-52) 120: 91 (36:20, 25:21, 27:22, 32:28)

Magic: Aaron Gordon 21, DJ Augustine 20 (7th R.), Nikola Vučevičius 19 (11th), Terrence Ross 14, Khem Birch 13 (11th), Johnathan Isaac and Evan Fournier after 10 points.

Cavaliers: Collin Sexton 23 (7/16 years), Jordan Clarkson 15, Brandon Knight 12, Ante Žižičius 11, Kevin Love 10 points.

Boston Celtics (42-27) – The kings of the sacrament (33-34) 126: 120 (25:38, 31:24, 37:29, 33:29)

Celtics: Kyrie Irving 31 (11/28 years, 10 rel., 12 res.), Jaylen Brown 22, Marcus Morris 21 (13 recruits), Jayson Tatum 15, Al Horford 12, Gordon Hayward 10 points.

Kings: Buddy Held 34 (6/10 trit., 7th row), Harrison Barnes 20, The & # 39; Aaron Fox 19 (7 rel., 9 rel.), Marvin Bagley 14, Willie Cauley-Stein 10 (13 rebounds. .).

Toronto & # 39; s Raptors (49-20) – Los Angeles Lakers (31-37) 111: 98 (33:25, 32:29, 25:30, 21:14)

Raptors: Kawhi Leonard 25 (8/20 years, 8 recruits), Norman Powell 20 (8 recruits), Pascal Siakamas 16 (3/16 years, 10/12 fins, 5 recruits, Res. 6), Marc Gasolis 15 points.

Lakers: LeBron James 29, Alex Carus 16 (5th reg.), District Rondo 13 points (8th rel.).

Utah & # 39; s Jazz (39-29) – Minnesota Timberwolves (32-37) 120: 100 (34:25, 30:30, 27:26, 29:19)

Jazz: Donovan Mitchell 24, Jae Crowder 18, Derrick Favors 17 (11 adolescents), Joe Ingles 12 (8th reg.), Kyle Corver 11, Rudy Goberts 10 points (13 recruits).

Timberwolves: Karl-Anthony Towns 26 (12 recruits), Andrew Wiggins 14 (6/17 years), Tyus Jones 12 (9th rel.), Dario Šaričius 10 points.

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