In Vilnius vandalism burns – burning speed meters

In the Vilnius area, a speedometer for vandals is not raging. There are three speed meters for his account.

According to police, three speed devices were broken down in three months, the loss was 30 thousand. euro. All meters are on the same side of Vilnius.

"The first event was recorded on May 26, followed by May 31. 26 November Fixed speedometers are damaged, and at the scene of the incident we discovered that they were damaged by burning them," said Arvydas Sinis, head of the police, district Vilnius.

Stationary speedometers were burned: in Nemėžis, Mickūnai and Šumsko Roads.

Speedometers Burned in Vilnius

Speedometers Burned in Vilnius© LNK

Everywhere the burned-out pattern is the same: the baked tires are placed on the speedometer.

Speedometers constantly suffer: they are often broken, damaged or even cut.

For example, July 10 around 9 am Birštonas parish, Vilnius-Prienai-Marijampolė road at 88 km, has a fixed speedometer conservation structure.

At the end of April another event was recorded in Klaipėda: on the Liepaja Highway, hooligans cut a speedometer with a disk saw.

Another event was recorded in Taurage – vandals cut the speedometer on Šilalė Street.

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