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Increased fatigue, slower wound healing – only one can live the culprit

Elovra Ramaškienė, a pharmacist specialist from Eurova, says that the incidence of morbidity depends on the immunity of each person. However, it is normal and normal for an adult to have a cold 4 to 4 times a year, children 4-8.

"It is normal for small and school-age children to suffer more often than adults because their immune system has not yet been formed, so that they cannot withstand the most viral cold. It is also important that children pay less attention to hygiene rules, their habits just beginning to take shape "explains a health professional.

The human body becomes more resistant to viruses after every cold that has been overcome, so over the years immunity is getting worse and we shouldn't have it at all, and in some cases the disease should pass quickly and easily. Therefore, if children or adults suffer from frequent infections every year, more than a few times a year, or if the disease is constantly complicated, it is important to take the capacity of their immune system seriously.

From allergies to diseases

Although the immune response to the common cold is much more common, it may not be the body's only sign. According to Ramaškienė, weakened immunity is first announced with increased fatigue, persistent weakness, slowness, slower wounds, and it should not be surprising if the symptoms of seasonal allergies begin to suffer.

"Sneezing, stuffy nose or itching are the main signs that immunity has begun to overreact to non-hazardous substances such as pollen, pets, feathers or homemade mites. More and more people are allergic to some kind of allergen, and that's how the body shows that it is very weak and does not manage itself ", the specialist explains.

Care all year round

Pharmacist R. Ramaškienė points out that it is important to ensure the protection of the organism, even if we do not complain about health problems, since restoring weakened immunity is much more difficult than taking care of the daily maintenance of immunity.

Photo of Fotolia / Pellets of Bech Pitch

Photo of Fotolia / Pellets of Bech Pitch

"The most effective way to resist bacteria and viruses can be ewe preparations, honey and other bee products. Vitamin C fully strengthens the human body by improving appetite and shortening the period of illness after becoming ill. Vitamin D3, Like probiotics, is an important part of good immune microflora, "says the pharmacist.

It reminds us that immunity also affects stress and overtime, so a healthy lifestyle, moderate physical activity, stress, vacation and relaxation are important to maintain a good immune system, and vegetables, fruits, whole-grain products and good should dominate the daily diet . fats rich in avocados, linseed, fatty fish, nuts.

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