Selena Gomez stared at the NBA star: Do the celebrities enjoy each other’s company as a couple? | Names

Of course, as the source mentioned about the relationship between Gomez and J. Butler, the artist is in no rush to commit, but she’s had several encounters with Jimmy and thinks he’s a great guy.

“They met several times while Selena was in New York. Jimmy invited her to dinner, she had a great time in black, ‘the source continued, adding that the singer wanted to see where everything would lead.

S. Gomez had only enjoyed her own company for a while, but lately, probably persuaded by friends who were still trying to introduce her to something, she started going on dates again.

In terms of both new potential partners and health, Gomez is behaving very carefully in 2020, according to a source. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it is focusing on its wellbeing, especially since it has lupus.

“She rarely gets out of her quarantine bubble,” the source continued, but clarified that the singer is not really bored. – She is endlessly busy from home on her new beauty line and proudly presents her during a pandemic. She also enjoys cooking at home and spending time with different friends and family. “

However, if S. Gomez confirms a romantic friendship with the basketball player, it will be the singer’s first serious relationship in a long time. Her loyal fans will likely remember her friendship with the recording artist The Weeknd in 2017, and before and after her best friend was Justin Bieber.

The last relationship was very hit and miss. Well, when the couple finally divorced in spring 2018, just a few months later, Bieber shocked everyone by marrying Hailey Baldwin.

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