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The first case: a ship that declared Lithuania's love after the studies suddenly came to court

& # 39; n case first in the port city. 4.8 thousand euros from the University of India for non-quality studies Myilsamy Murugasamy studied in Lithuania for two years.

At the end of the studies, his / her visa expired after six months. According to Irena Jermolayev, a lawyer representing KU, an Indian citizen is likely to try to return to Lithuania because he did not rent avocado before the trial, although he could do so in India.

In September 2016, under the student exchange program, a man came to study management. In an interview with KU he said that he loved Lithuania when he arrived in the port city. He also said he had worked in Coventry for a few years and studied in England before studying in Lithuania. At the time, the man said he loved Europe, so in Lithuania the student chose to enter the old continent.

The former student who brought the case to court complained to the court that the teachers were incompetent and demanded in court that he should even provide copies of the assignments and written documents submitted to him during his studies. Part of the work was evaluated by the teachers during his absence.

The requests from the former student accounted for a considerable part – he even demanded a list of how he attended lectures. Moreover, when he was studying in English, the court asked for all courses, papers and other documents to be translated into the Lithuanian language, because the law of the dispute can only be dealt with in the state language.
In the courtroom the teachers and the judge explained what can actually be achieved by a trusted former student, because part of the work is not protected during the course.

"Teachers do not have to protect their student tasks, it is not regulated. I only accidentally stored in drawers. In addition, attendance is not marked if the student is unable to complete the task and he must inform the Cadetra Head Such a request was not received by the Cadet Head. Only the graduation thesis is regulated and protected, its defense took place together with other students, his non-seated person, "explained Rimantas Stašys, professor of management department at the KU.

One of the speakers, Ligita Šimanskienė in the courtroom, explained that some of the exams were on a computer, there was no paper version of the exam and the discussion was just at the time of the exam. Such data is not stored on media.

"Teachers have extensive experience and teach not only at the University of Klaipeda, but also in other countries. The applicant has not provided any evidence that the knowledge he had received was inadequate," the lawyer said in court.

Murugasamy himself did not appear in court and argued in court that no one in India helped him obtain a visa, so he starts starving in India at the Lithuanian embassy.

The third person included eight people: Ligita Šimanskienė, Algirdas Giedraitis, Rimantas Stašis, Eduard Spiriajeva, Daiva Labanauskaitė, Jolita Viluckienė, Airimo Župerkas and Erika Župerkienė. None of them protested that the court was wondering if they were against the preparatory meeting. D. Labanauskaitė said that the ship itself is unhappy to summon both people and does not care about arrival or advocacy.

"The court also assessed that the court had clarified the claimant's right to choose a representative in Lithuania, these documents had been served, the claimant had not used this option. The court will certainly not deny the party and will not provide evidence The court believes that the claimant's rights will not be violated because a preparatory meeting will be held today and not a lawsuit, "the judge said.

The court gave additional evidence for 20 days.

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