The operation was carried out by J.Valančiūnas, it became clear how long he was doing

The National Basketball Association (NBA) in the Toronto Raptors Club has a busy mood.

A helpful midfielder Jonah Valanciun a left thumb operation was performed – it became clear that the Lithuanian national midfielder could not compete for at least four weeks.

J.Valančiūnas got a traumatic victory in a game against the Golden State Warriors of Auckland and drew the green dog after a basket.

"Karius" tapped a ball from the hands of a Lithuanian man, but at the same time he got the thumb of the "middle" left hand. Valencian was interrupted by pain and could not continue the game.

The traumatized Utenos will occur from the 25-year-old Chris Boucher, who represents Raptors 905 in the G-team.

In this season, 26 years old, 213 cm high, J.Valanciunas spends 19 minutes on a parquet, earning 12.8 points during this time, defeating 7.2 points and blocking 0.8 goals.

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