The witness was shocked by an accident in Marijampolė: "I was able to see a bloody face – I hope everything will be alright"

A terrible accident occurred in the street Šermukšniai, on the outskirts of Marijampolė. In the first hours of 2019 there were two cars with a total of 6 people.

General Help Center received the first call 3 hours ago 4 minutes

A large number of aid workers sent to the scene of the disaster: firefighters had to steal victims who were stuck in a metal clamp, doctors found death and provided first aid to the wounded, and the police caught the suspect in the accident and tried to get as many of them as possible. to collect the original criminal evidence.

Soon he began to figure out who his fate was in this fateful night in Marijampolė – the lives of all the participants in the accident and even their relatives who were turned upside down.

It turns out that the old model of the red Volkswagen Golf car after the festive New Year's Eve a family of 4 people and a teenager housed. This girl is a good friend of a 16-year-old boy who died in an accident and the life of both his parents (38-year-old mother and 40-year-old father) was killed by a traffic accident. Another family child, a young boy, was seriously injured during the accident. The 11-year-old, such as the aforementioned 16-year-old teenager, was admitted to the hospital for treatment (both resuscitation young men from Marijampolė were transported to the Kaunas clinic).

Medical help after this cactus was needed for a 28-year-old boy who was on the Audi steering wheel.

The Armed Forces urged the public to report that the person who caused the accident on the night of January 1 was a senior official of the military military service serving Vytenis General Support Logistics Battalion (Marijampolė).

Understand immediately

  • According to the original case data that the police registered in 2019 January 1 about 3 hours The cars VW Golf and Audi A4 came together in Marijampolė, Šermukšnių str. The VW Golf driver (born in 1978) died in the accident and a passenger (born in 1980), together with the three minors who were hospitalized for various physical injuries.
  • A minor (born in 2002) died shortly after he was injured. The driver of the Audi A4 left the scene but was found in the field and admitted to the hospital for injuries during the accident.

The police have no data to tell that the warrior could only go, at least not yet. The injuries suffered by the Audi driver are also unknown.
The circumstances of the accident start to be investigated, but a big spot on the Audi driver was immediately checked by his first austerity test – the alcohol meter showed 1.27 promilies. More accurate data must be obtained later by testing a blood sample.

Forensic experts after death must determine the exact moderation of the man who controls the Volkswagen Golf. It is said that the father of two children who had just received a driving license and was still carrying a maple leaf, was sober at the wheel and that would have been a fatal New Year's Eve.

The fate of a young warrior will depend on the conclusions of the investigators, which led to the accident. If it is the Audi driver who is recognized as responsible for it, the penalty will be determined by the offense of law enforcement.

Causing an accident with tragic consequences can result in a prison sentence of up to 10 years. On the other hand, there have recently been cases where drunken drivers are even tried for murder.

15min contacted Aiste K., a witness of this accident

According to her, the consequences of the accident were really terrible. "And even more frightening when you see everything with your eyes," the witness added.

The woman told me that the house at that time was close to the loved ones: "We often choose this route through Šermukšniai Street for convenience and less traffic."

Photo of the event witness Aiste / Event location

Photo of the event witness Aiste / Event location

The crew of Aist had already noticed many medical and police tasks, but at first they all thought that something had happened in the house next to the road, so they went on.

"When we got closer, we realized that the road was completely blocked by emergency vehicles, and we also saw a VW car coming off the road, we have seen that all forces work fast and quickly. the location.

The moment the last young man sat at the end of the car. I hope that everything will be good for him.

Until I read the article later, I thought there were only 3 people in the car. At the time, the last young man was already in the back of the car. I could only see his bloody face. I hope that everything will be good for him … ", hoping to share his observations 15min readers.

He added: "We also saw a woman who could no longer help the doctors through open doors for passengers."

After these images Aiste realized she was not on the route, so she just turned around and went back on another path.

What he saw was imprisoned for a long time in the memory of a woman and her beloved.

"While we were driving, we discussed how such an accident could have happened." The nearby vantage point is a sudden turn of the road, but the cars were as far away as this part of the road. It seems that some drivers have not opted for a safe speed and have not evaluated the road surface, "the witness said.

She added that after this event she wanted to express her sympathy for the relatives of the dead and wish them strength. "I also want to thank the services that protect us for their sincere work and dedication to each of us," said Aist.

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